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Next Steps

So I told my friend and Brother (and professional photographer) about what the pompous asshole said yesterday.  He, being a Nikon guy with no experience using Canon FD lenses on an EOS body, had to take a look at my gear before he could render a judgment.  After his initial experiments, he concluded that the asshole, though incredibly rude, had a valid point:  the adaptor was turning my otherwise ass-kickingly clear FD lenses to crap.

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On the extraction of a bit of unwanted dentition

I wanted to blog about this when I was feeling better.  Then I forgot.  So I’m doing it now.

Human beings, for better or for worse (usually for worse), are born with 32 adult teeth waiting in the wings.  This seems to be a bit of a mistake as most adult jaws are sized for just 28 teeth.  In my case, the two upper wisdom teeth were perfectly straight and right where they belonged (more or less) and content to sit there and play dumb.  The two lower ones weren’t so cooperative.  One ended up sideways (like the right side of this picture) and the other ended up upside-down, which I can’t even find an X-ray of online.  Both needed to come out and the time for that was two weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon.

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A flash of realization

It occurs to me that I, like other INTJs, tend to exhibit a specific brand of arrogance wherein I (in my mind, quite reasonably) expect other humans to consistently respond to stimuli in a rational, reasoned, predictable, deterministic manner. When this doesn’t happen, I’m (again, quite reasonably) flummoxed. This should come as no surprise to those who’ve studied Hackerdom: We tend to see humans as biological machines and consciousness as a program that’s running on those machines. When we see these kind of responses, our immediate inclination is to debug the obviously malfunctioning software. As people don’t tend to appreciate being thought of as “broken,” this is perceived as arrogance on our part (that of the Hackers) as we assume ourselves (quite naturally) to be representative of logical perfection (even when this isn’t the case, thus misleading us and blinding us to our own shortcomings in non-intellectual pursuits, paradoxically to the normally-perfect understanding of what we do and do not know).

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Non-flashy pictures

A while back, Chad told me I needed to learn to take non-flashy pictures.  I think I did that:

Lighting controller board with logic circuits dummied out

Lighting controller board with logic circuits dummied out


Me Dates

Invitations for funtimes:

Monday, April 16 @ 7 PM at West Allis Masonic Temple (7515 W. National Avenue, West Allis, WI 53214) – I’m being installed as Scribe of West Allis Chapter #84 Royal Arch Masons of Wisconsin.  Treats to follow.

Wednesday, April 25 @ 6:30 PM at West Allis Masonic Temple – I’m (possibly?) being installed as something for Kilbourn Council #9 Royal and Select Masters of Wisconsin.

Just keeping you guys up to date on stuff.  🙂

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Wanted: Cheap PC speakers

If anyone has a pair of cheap PC speakers that you don’t know what to do with, please let me know.  Thanks!

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Irony in action

This weekend, Taylor and I went to visit some Asian markets near Chicago.  We sampled every bit of food we could.  Fish cakes, pastries, breads, Eel, beef, pork, sushi, etc.  We were feeling great!  We went to Denny’s for supper and by the time we got back to the hotel room, we were both sick to our stomachs…   We determined that since we both felt great before eating the Denny’s, it must have been what did it.  I then proceeded to have a MASSIVE panic attack…  But two dramamine fixed that.  I should have had some clonazepam with me but I didn’t.  😦

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Happy Birthday to the Most Awesome Girlfriend Ever!

Happy the Taylor Birthdays!  :3

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What I like in a (furry) girl

It’s no secret that I have furry crushes on various characters (and have had since I was little).  But I’ve just now started figuring out why I like certain characters and not others.  So I’ll do a top X list and see how many I come up with, from least to most desire.

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Google Maps is demented

The directions Google had me take from work to home when the freeways were closed yesterday afternoon:

Staying on Hawley Rd instead of turning onto Blue Mound would have been a much better idea. Also not jumping up to 70th street for no reason at all. That was insane. And not turning AWAY from the destination onto National Ave. But I can’t get Google Maps to even see Hawley Road between Blue Mound and National Ave. as a legitimate street. It recognizes it as a hiking trail for some reason. I can assure you it is a real street. I go that way every day when I take the freeway from work.

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