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Things that could have been, should have been
Things as yet unresolved
Things that are, and were and didn’t and couldn’t
Times when it did and didn’t and might’ve
Times of joy, of sorrow, of bliss, of darkness
Times of pain, times of perfect and broken misery
But in the end all that is and was,
and might and never could, that which
is resolved, unresolved, started and finished.
That dreams, and wishes, memories and shadows
all that’s left is now.  
Where ever that is.

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Floating in the river, watching the stream go by, knowing your going to the end, and never knowing why.

Swimming this way and that trying with all your might, no change really ever happens, against the rivers might.

The river keeps on flowing, and this time, you swim back, urging against the surging, and still nowhere but where the river goes do you move.

The banks are far from sight, not that the current would let one pass, flowing with the river, knowing it can’t last.

The river ends in falls, it ends in rocky ground.

and one day this river will leave you off in space, freeing you to fall, and dash against the rocks, fast or slow, quick or long, the ends the same and still the river goes on.

Gone now are you, likely never known, and the rivers song keeps playing, sung by no one and everyone, for ever and never, the river flows along.

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Just Another Job

So today I’m at work making mountains of snow, same ole same ole in other words.  As I was moving a bucketful, from the parking stall that was still half buried due to a mound of snow that had previously covered the whole parking lot, now occupies a corner;  I receive a phone call, I stop the vehicle, and quickly answer.  In the brief glimpse at the screen I had taken, before answering i noticed that it was from my boss.   boss “I need you to do a move.  Take two cases from USR, to Mitchel.”  I respond “yeah, I’m in the skid, bucketing.  i’ll go get my truck and i’ll be right there. Read the rest of this entry »


The Next job

Mr. Johnson:

“I’ve got a job for you.  Well properly speaking my sponsor does.   Back before, the old US government was funding top secret electronics research, in an underground location.  This location was highly classified as was the work that was performed there.  But luckily for you old Mr. Johnson has good sources.  This research base dealt primarily in cutting edge robotics technology, well cutting edge nearly half a century ago.  So now you’ve gotta be thinking to yourself, “What’s the good in this?”  ‘Why in Hell would anyone want 50 year old half finished rusting scrap?”

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Writing the strange and insane:

Why not someone needs to do it.  The absurd is entertaining revealing, and often outright silly.  Though it can be silly dumb and stupid.  Writing because you’re doing things, on things are things is always fun, but in the end it has no meaning.  The things we are and is, and was, are not, and never shall be.  This is ridiculous and likely incredibly accurate at the same time.

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i hate writing titles


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Alone in the White

All alone sitting in a chair, in a room: Read the rest of this entry »

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mhooks Log

12 December 2009

MeatHook’s Log:

No contact with anyone else for the last 6 hours.  It is readily apparent at this point due to the nature of the last communications received that its safe to assume that I’m the last one left. Read the rest of this entry »



you know how sometimes you don’t wanna do something because you don’t think it will work, and not trying in order to avoid that failure seems preferable? and then someone convinces you that you can’t always fail and that you should give it a shot, and you do, and it fails? thats about were i am right now.



When i was kid, Christmas had a very strict format, that was followed damn near to the letter every year.  We’d go by uncle Charlie and Anty sandy’s every year, and get treated poorly by them and their family, they looked down upon us.  Read the rest of this entry »