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Engineering Question

It’s been generally accepted that having a suction inlet at the lowest point of a swimming pool improves circulation.  Whether or not this is actually true is being debated but assuming it is, then it would make sense to have one.  But my question is what sense does it make to have a suction outlet at the midpoint of the pool depth?  Case in point: Read the rest of this entry »


I’d be insulted if it made any sense

Some asshat spraypainted a sauwastika (backward Swastika, used in old forms of Hinduism) inside a Star of David with the words “I’m Shit.” on the side of the West Allis Masonic Temple yesterday.  I’d be glad to be insulted if I had a clue what it meant.  Apparently Jewish Hindus are shit?  But what does that have to do with Masonry?  AFAIK, we don’t have any Jewish Hindus in West Allis Lodge.

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Google Maps is demented

The directions Google had me take from work to home when the freeways were closed yesterday afternoon:

Staying on Hawley Rd instead of turning onto Blue Mound would have been a much better idea. Also not jumping up to 70th street for no reason at all. That was insane. And not turning AWAY from the destination onto National Ave. But I can’t get Google Maps to even see Hawley Road between Blue Mound and National Ave. as a legitimate street. It recognizes it as a hiking trail for some reason. I can assure you it is a real street. I go that way every day when I take the freeway from work.

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My Sunday Up North

Though not very far north:  The Schlitz Audubon Center

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Officially Cute II

I think fennec foxes might even be cuter than sugar gliders or Scottish Fold kittens:

Fennec Fox Kit

Fennec Fox Kit

For more squeetastic fennec fox pix, see their Zooborns page.

The good news about fennec foxes:  Since Wisconsin has no exotic pet captivity laws, it’s up to each county to determine what can and can’t be kept as a pet.  Most counties have not passed a law against keeping a fennec fox as a pet.  Milwaukee HAS passed such a law.  Repeat:  It is ILLEGAL to keep a fennec fox as a pet in Milwaukee County.  Also, it’s illegal to import them into the state without a license, which the state currently does not grant.  So the bottom line is that if you DO see a fennec fox for sale as a pet in Wisconsin, understand that it is being sold illegally.  However, if someone already has a fennec fox as a pet, it’s fine as long as it isn’t in Milwaukee County.

The bad news is that even though they’re unbelievably cute, they make terrible pets.  Yes, they’re adorable and affectionate and clean.  But they’re (a) crepuscular and (b) burrowing animals.  This means that every day around dawn and dusk, these adorable little balls of fuzz will wreck your house.  They’re tiny, furry, furniture-destroying demonspawn.  🙂  Also, keeping them in an outdoor cage is an issue as well:  they can dig 20 feet down.



Summer D&D

This summer, we’re hoping to run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  I believe everyone who is meant to be invited has received notice by this point.  This post is intended to be a resource regarding the details of the campaign, and will be updated periodically to reflect new information.

The campaign is The Red Hand of Doom, from Wizards of the Coast.  I include this for your general enlightenment, but encourage everyone to avoid looking it up, lest you gain all the spoilers (and make us sad).  Dan will be DMing this.

Important Note:  This campaign is currently intended to be set in Eberron.   Eberron has some variations in rules and has additional races, as well as a different pantheon.  If you do not have access to an Eberron setting guide, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with a copy.

For character creation, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

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Cryptic Rite Festival May 2011


The New Building in Teh Joshenlands

Some of you may have noticed a new building going up rapidly in Teh Joshenlands.  (here.)  Want a tour?

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Going to 88 Keys tonight

I’ll be going to 88 Keys Piano Martini lounge tonight at around 7:30.  Anyone wanna join me?  It’s here:

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Everything I needed to know…

… about who not to vote for.

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday, April 5th) is the spring election.  Be sure to get out and vote.  If you weren’t sure before, the contempt for Wisconsin’s traditions and values shown by Walker and the rest of the Republicans (like my Senator, Fitzgerald!) in the last couple months should drive home the point that elections do matter.

I don’t think any of you live in my area, so I’ll just say:  if you live in Milwaukee Co. and want my opinion, I don’t know if I trust Chris Abele, but Jeff Stone’s an asshole who plans to continue where Walker left off.  So take that as you will.  You can hopefully find information on many (or possibly all) of your state/county/local races here.