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Come on Sheyboygan

Listening to the news for the past couple of months I have found it hard to believe how much crap goes down in Sheyboygan.  What is meant by crap going down is cars flipping over in Drive-thrus, people chasing armed robbers (just to see them work), driving into convience stores, the mayor and his underhanded comments about his sister in law.  These things do not really matter as far as I can tell when the Packer game is tonight.  The budget in Sheyboygan has gone to hell and the mayor was to step down today but since the big Packer game is tonight and these things lose importance.

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Strength of Learning

Can your personality actually shift if you can alter your language?  What is meant by this is if you are fluent in other languages when changing from one to the other do traits that define you differ.  I was reading an article that said that this was the case.  The case study in my mind did not show enough research.  So lets think about this I at one time or another was very well versed in 4 languages so would that mean that if I alternated from one to another would I seem to have multiple personalities.

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