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Lociam Role Playing Game

Hey guys, I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m doing artwork for an RPG called Lost Roads of Lociam.  I just got the Core Rulebook in the mail the other day and have been exploring how the system works.  It is pretty interesting and I think the author has really thought out the game design. I’d be interested in sharing the book if anyone’s interested/wants to play.  Maybe something for next semester gaming in addition to shadowrun?

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RPG Commission

I’m doing some drawings for this guy’s RPG Lociam: Met him on a WH40k forum of all places. Here is the first image of a council. Yay art and gaming!

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Overload Video

Hey everyone.  I just finished this video for one of my classes and I’m interested in hearing your honest opinion about it.  It is a video project in which I’m trying to depict how computers can affect users.  How does it make you feel or not feel?  What could make it better?  What did you like/dislike?

Mind Plex from sean bodley on Vimeo.

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Guardians of Gaia – Rough Draft Pgs 1-20

Hey All,  Do you like robots?  The Future? Darkages, bear battles, and more?  I would appreciate it if you checked out this slide show of the first 20 pages of The Guardians of Gaia book I’m working on.  Any critiques, advice, opinions you have on it would be very helpful to me in making this project better.  Here is a link:

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Art Archive

Epic BattleHey Everyone, I’ve just completed a mind-numbing compilation of almost every artwork I’ve produced since birth. Since some of you see me draw at Teh Table I wanted to show you some of my really early stuff. Some of it is interesting, some of it boring, some of it disturbing, some of it very heavily influenced by gaming. Anyways, here’s the link: Hope you are entertained.

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Anavasthaa: more self promotion

Anavasthaa is now in full gear again. Check out 10 finished pages here on our blog. Music by Walker Hurd

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Collegium Sorcerorum

I’ve been working on a series of illustrations for a writer who has written a fantasy novel.  These illustration are his property so I haven’t been able to legally display them until now (for a limited time).  In an effort to show publishers the images in the book digitally I’ve quick built this site to house the illustrations.  Check them out here at:

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Lvl. 10 Biker

I consider myself an avid biker.  I am attached to my bike similar to the way I am attached to the internet (a moderate level of addiction).  As someone who has biked nearly all year round for the past 7 years I have seen my fair share of incidents.  Hail storms, thunder storms, sleet storms, snow storms, wind storms, crashing into walls, crashing into other bikes, wiping out in the middle of a busy road, wiping out on ice, riding with one brake, riding with handle bars that are nearly parallel to the bike frame (don’t ask), cracked a frame, having a bike stolen, barely avoiding opening car doors, biking under the influence(s), biking with two bikes, biking with large wet oil paintings, biking with guitars, art portfolios, biking with over 10 paintings on my person (18x24s), half of a drum kit, a trumpet, and 40+ lbs of food are all things I have experience with. In all I have had 8 bikes, 1 of which I out grew, 6 of which I rode to death.

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Anavasthaa Page 1 (?)


just finished up the tentative first page of the graphic novel, you can check it out here:

for some slightly larger images without text you go here:

as always your comments and criticisms are encouraged 😉

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taking aim

taking aim

hey dudes and dudettes.  I have started another blog as the home of my current art project: Anavasthaa.   I would love to hear your brutally honest and sincere opinions on everything from the art, text, and storyline of this graphic novel. (note no storyline or text has been posted yet, but it will, oh yes it will).  Please be sure to post anything that pops into your head like impressions or even *gasp* ideas.  I’ll be sure to post some of the juicy stuff at Teh Table, but don’t want to flood here with every little sketch and post (plus my roomate is co-authoring the blog and he knows not of Teh Table). Thank you for your attention.