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On the extraction of a bit of unwanted dentition

I wanted to blog about this when I was feeling better.  Then I forgot.  So I’m doing it now.

Human beings, for better or for worse (usually for worse), are born with 32 adult teeth waiting in the wings.  This seems to be a bit of a mistake as most adult jaws are sized for just 28 teeth.  In my case, the two upper wisdom teeth were perfectly straight and right where they belonged (more or less) and content to sit there and play dumb.  The two lower ones weren’t so cooperative.  One ended up sideways (like the right side of this picture) and the other ended up upside-down, which I can’t even find an X-ray of online.  Both needed to come out and the time for that was two weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon.

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Alcoholism FTL

So, I’m apparently an alcoholic.  At least according to an amalgam of sources including the Mayo Clinic.

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Body Mods I’d Gladly Sign Up For

The Anthro Package

Bionic Tail

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Dental Pain!

Genetically, my chompers are fucked. I can count on one hand the number of relatives of mine that have kept their real teeth after they hit 30. If that hand was missing 3 fingers and the thumb, it’d be even more accurate. So, in an effort to once again be the first at something, I’ve been going to the dentist more often; last time I was there was exactly a week ago, and I can proudly say that it was 1 of 3 times in my life that I’ve not needed fillings because of cavities. No, instead, one of my fillings kind of splintered so stuff can get stuck there and potentially cause a cavity, so that I’m getting that taken care of next week.

I also had a psuedo-argument with my hygienist over an abscess, because apparently if you taste/smell it, it has to be a periodontal abscess. As it turns out, I was right, she was wrong, and I was in there today getting yet another root canal. Though, this time, there were 2 roots involved because it was on my mandibular 2nd molar, and only one of the roots was dead. The guy did a nerve block, and opened my tooth up, then did pokey pokey and when he hit the good pulp it was pain. Then he injected some anesthetic right onto that one. Then it all went fine, excepting my roots not wanting to be very cooperative; he spent about 45 minutes cleaning them up.

The lidocaine wore off and pain started settling in, and let me tell you, for some reason, it’s REALLY fucking painful right now. Luckily, it’s like a pharmacy in here with all the analgesics at hand, so I should be able to kill it quite effectively.

On that note, my dental assistant is cute, though a bit slow.
“So, how’re you feeling?”
“That’s a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it?”
“You’re asking him how his gum is feeling after we numbed it.”


Knee stuffs

It’s no secret that I have knee pain. What’s actually happening is that my kneecaps don’t slide as smoothly as they should (yay cartilage degradation!) and they’ll sometimes snag on my femurs. Or, sometimes, my caps won’t track right and I can’t support any weight on them.

I’ve gone for physical therapy a few times, and that hasn’t really helped. So, this latest time with my doc, I was handed a couple options. I was also more or less told that it’s never going to go away, so eventually I’ll be needing to use the most extreme option.

1) Take pills. Pills that cause sleepiness and yet tell me not to sleep for so long after I take them. And really annoying heartburn. And absolutely no drinking at all. And no antacids.
2) Cortisone injections.
3) Some more drastic measure that involves slicing me open.

I’m obviously going with #1. Surprisingly enough, they’re having an effect, though not killing the pain entirely.

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The ADA/AA works!

I’ve not really been around here too often because 1) my dad had surgery on Monday, and 2) my brother was being discriminated against because of his hearing loss. So, I’ve been helping quite a bit more than normal around here and I was helping my brother with his issue.

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Radiocontrast Agents

I’ve finally managed to track down the name of the odd-tasting radiocontrast agent they gave me orally when the dumb doc thought I had appendicitis.  The trade name is Gastrografin and it’s a water-based iodinated radiocontrast agent.

I’ve also had barium sulfate for an esophogram.  So I’ve decided to list the pros/cons of each:

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Randomness Pt. 1,000,391

1) I ❤ my router. It consistently gets months and months of uptime, and it’ll tell me how much bandwidth we’ve used. So far this month it’s sitting at 184.08 GB; this year it’s at…whoa..that’s high.. 1,936.57 GB. I’ll be damned.

2) I got the paperwork from my insurance company for how much my dentist got paid from my last 2 visits. For 2 1-hour blocks he got $837.90 and I “have” to pay $302.10 more. I’ve never actually had to worry about my bit. Though, it does make a mention that my deductible of $25 is satisfied.

3) I have to go in for a root canal on the 4th. I don’t exactly have an abscess, but my nerve is dead. I’ve noticed this for the past visit or so, but the dental assistant will go up to whoever is doing scheduling and tell them to put me in her block.

4) For the past 3 years I’ve been on some type of medication on Christmas.

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Never get a physical in the winter

The doc’s hands are damn cold.  And testicular exams are made all the more difficult when shrinkage is a factor.  And prostate exams are never pleasant.  And to top it off, the physical was the annual DENTAL INSURANCE physical, to make sure I didn’t have glaucoma, diabetes, blood-clotting issues, etc.  I know the doc has to check EVERYTHING but the dentist should NOT be caring about anything below the belt or else he’s in the wrong profession.

Still, those exams are nothing compared to how I’ve heard women describe gynecological pelvic exams.

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I Hate My Teeth

It has to be something genetic because no one on my mom’s side of the family can go long without needing dental work. So, today, I went to the dentist again. And I have cavities…again. I’m not exaggerating when I say that after my braces were taken off I had 22 cavities; most were under the glue (where no liquids or foods should have gone). Today I found out that I have 7 of them, with 4 in one freaking tooth. How the hell does that even happen? Should I even have a tooth at that point?

More to the point, when they’re looking at your teeth they should not be going “Oh dear..that’s big.” or “Does it hurt? Is there any swelling? Seriously? Are you really sure?”