A flash of realization

It occurs to me that I, like other INTJs, tend to exhibit a specific brand of arrogance wherein I (in my mind, quite reasonably) expect other humans to consistently respond to stimuli in a rational, reasoned, predictable, deterministic manner. When this doesn’t happen, I’m (again, quite reasonably) flummoxed. This should come as no surprise to those who’ve studied Hackerdom: We tend to see humans as biological machines and consciousness as a program that’s running on those machines. When we see these kind of responses, our immediate inclination is to debug the obviously malfunctioning software. As people don’t tend to appreciate being thought of as “broken,” this is perceived as arrogance on our part (that of the Hackers) as we assume ourselves (quite naturally) to be representative of logical perfection (even when this isn’t the case, thus misleading us and blinding us to our own shortcomings in non-intellectual pursuits, paradoxically to the normally-perfect understanding of what we do and do not know).

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