What I like in a (furry) girl

It’s no secret that I have furry crushes on various characters (and have had since I was little).  But I’ve just now started figuring out why I like certain characters and not others.  So I’ll do a top X list and see how many I come up with, from least to most desire.

The first two aren’t actually girls.  As shocking as it may be, there are some male anthros that I find to be kinda hot.  This has more to do with artistic style and personality and less with sexual attraction, however.  Allow me to digress a moment.  I am attracted to feminine features in both personality and appearance and turned off by masculinity.  In humans, this means that I’m attracted to women.  In anthros, the line is much blurrier as we routinely deal with nongendered and ambiguously gendered characters.  Likewise, we deal with male characters with very feminine features due to artistic style.  So for purposes of labeling things, I’m about a Kinsey 0.75 for humans and a Kinsey 2.25 for anthros  (That’s strongly heterosexual for humans and weakly bisexual for anthros).  A great test I do to gauge attraction is thus:  Could I see myself being affectionate with this character (snuggling test)?  Could I see myself kissing this character (romance test)?  Could I see myself engaging in sexual acts with this character (sex test)?  For these so far only the first applies to both male and female characters.  The other two (due to masculinity being a turn-off for me) fail for male characters.  Onward to the examples!

Jyrras Gianna (from Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures)

Jyrras Gianna

Jyrras Gianna

This one’s sort of a subversion:  He’s only on this list because of a scene he had in an in-universe novel another character was writing.  His Big Kiss scene with Janus Bond was actually pretty hot for an in-universe guy on guy fanfic.  XD

Death by Shonen-Ai

Janus Bond and Dr. Jyrras

Abel Rewanz (also from DMFA)


Abel Rewanz

Amber Williams’ style is such that her sexy male characters end up with many features I also find attractive in females.  Examples are his hair is a bit longer than most guys like it and tends to be combed into a more feminine style.  His face is such as would fit equally well on a girl (in fact, I see many similarities between Abel’s facial structure and Aaryanna’s).  His collarbone area and shoulders are VERY feminine and he has wide hips.  He often stands with one arm akimbo on one raised hip not entirely unlike a stereotypical seductive pose usually seen on women trying to look sexy.  It also doesn’t help when he shows up in a miniskirt.

DMFA #513: Outfit Attempt One

DMFA #513: Outfit Attempt One

Wildy San (also from DMFA)

Wildy San

Wildy San

Wildy was a major reason I chose a ferret for a fursona.  She’s also the reason my ferret fursona canonically has a tail formerly owned by a fox (though Sean’s artwork doesn’t reflect that).  She’s a badass tomboy and truly lives up to the sneaky, mean ferret stereotype.  She loves practical jokes and inflicting pain on others but is actually sweet and caring deep down.  Making trouble is her main goal and she’s very good at it.  She tends to be close to my ideal proportions for a female except for the hips (though her tight jeans are still awesome to look at!).  She’s ridicuously kinky and has a thing for humans.  XD

DMFA Wallpaper 4


Princess Sally Acorn (from Sonic Manga)

Princess Sally 2

Princess Sally Acorn

People might be wondering why I’d be attracted to a poorly drawn ‘toon.  The answer is that I’m not.  I’m attracted to her far-better-drawn darker and edgier comic book version, depicted above.  Think about it – badass geek in a sexy squirrel package!  And her gorgeous blue eyes!

I couldn't have lived without you, Robin!

I couldn't have lived without you, Robin!

Don Bluth is a major reason I’m a furry.  One thing I will say is that even in her Rule 34, she’s still very sweet.  Things I adore about her:  her canine muzzle and lupine mouth.  Her eyes and long eyelashes.  Her eyebrows are high, suggesting thoughtfulness, and her cute little fangs make it all the better.  Overall, perfect kind, gentle, sexy fox!

Florence Ambrose (from Freefall)

S.S.D.D. Calendar

Florence Ambrose

Florence is my ideal mate.  Her personality so closely  matches what I want in a woman that I fell instantly in love.  She’s STILL sexy, even without visible mammaries (truth in television – wolves have nothing resembling mammaries unless they’re pregnant or nursing).  And her tail is absolutely wonderful!

Shiela Vixen (from Sabrina Online)

Shiela Xmas

Shiela Xmas

A fox porn star.  Famous in-universe for having absurdly large breasts.  Yes, word of god says they’re real.

Amy Squirrel (also from Sabrina Online)


The best SFW I could find of Amy

I’m not kidding – finding hot-but-SFW sketches of Amy on the ‘net is difficult.  Especially given that she’s the object of her creator’s desire (and in the comic is married to the author avatar).  She served as model for some other artists (or possibly Schwartz himself – it’s never been officially stated who drew the other 8 model sheets) when it came time to draw the final models for a certain cartoon mink.  At any rate, Amy is damn sexy and she represents about a quarter of my image archive.

Sabrina Skunk (also from Sabrina Online)

Sab Halloween

Sabrina has the body proportions I adore:  Wide hips, wide, fluffy, upright tail that curls pleasantly behind her, cartoonish overbite, and large suggestive eyes.  Not to mention the geeky glasses, nice round breasts, amazing thighs, cute feet, and know-how to make it all work (hand on the hip, anyone?)

Fifi La Fume (from Tiny Toons)

Valentine 3 Fifi La Fume By Andy Bunny

Valentine 3 Fifi La Fume By Andy Bunny

This one the coloring is a bit weird but not too far off model (except for the ears).  She shares Sabrina’s traits but not as exaggerated.  Her big, fluffy tail is one thing I find terribly hot, especially when I imagine it wrapped around us, hehe.  😛  She’s one of two oversexualized Warner Brothers Animation Stuidos characters from the early ’90s, the other being…

Minerva Mink (from Animaniacs)

Minerva Mink by Jorge Skunk

Minerva Mink by Jorge Skunk

No comment.  Seriously.  Just read her wiki entry.  She is the sexiest thing ever drawn, hands down.  Just looking at her sends me off the deep end.  O.O


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