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Black Lagoon Awesome, but Silly Theme Song, Says Local Man

On Chad’s advice, I’ve been watching the anime Black Lagoon, which is about modern day pirates in the South China Sea, and it’s full of sexy awesome. If you’re looking for a good show largely free of the medium’s typical blunders, I highly recommend it. I expect that fans of Cowboy Bebop and Darker Than Black will particularly enjoy it. Like most anime, however, the theme song for the opening credits is absolutely ridiculous and has nothing to do with anything. Read the rest of this entry »


Newspaper Clippings from Lowtax’s Attic

So, I never actually joined the Something Awful forums, but in the days before Youtube and Stumbleupon, its articles by paid humorists provided me with hours of entertainment.  I started reading their main page (which I’m led to believe you can get banned from the forums just for mentioning) near the end of high school and have been following it on and off ever since.  So, here are some articles you might find entertaining: Read the rest of this entry »

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