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Sysadmin Day Celebration

On Friday, July 27, I will be celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day (and potentially getting a job, depending).  My default place to celebrate is Old German Beer Hall.  But there are some others.  As I am fond of polls, here’s one:


On the extraction of a bit of unwanted dentition

I wanted to blog about this when I was feeling better.  Then I forgot.  So I’m doing it now.

Human beings, for better or for worse (usually for worse), are born with 32 adult teeth waiting in the wings.  This seems to be a bit of a mistake as most adult jaws are sized for just 28 teeth.  In my case, the two upper wisdom teeth were perfectly straight and right where they belonged (more or less) and content to sit there and play dumb.  The two lower ones weren’t so cooperative.  One ended up sideways (like the right side of this picture) and the other ended up upside-down, which I can’t even find an X-ray of online.  Both needed to come out and the time for that was two weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon.

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I <3 Android! And some other things…

So, it’s been no surprise to anyone here that I hated my Nokia. I’ve now had my new phone for about a week and I love it. Even though it does sometimes say that I’m in Ventura. 8 MP camera, 720P recording, a horribly tinny speaker, a shitty network. Oh, now that I think about that, I’m involved with a lawsuit against AT&T. I have 8 lawyers and at least 4 of them are partners at their firms. I don’t want to see that bill.

My car is burning oil. The damned thing is burning oil and it has a hair less than 60k miles on it. That should not be happening. Luckily I’m covered until August of next year or 80k miles, but still.

New glasses! And sunglasses! Which resulted in a fight with someone because apparently $280 is too much to pay for prescription sunglasses. Only $60 more than what the standard ones would cost. Though, they are fucking sweet looking. And my actual glasses? They’re completely frame-less. It’s just the lenses, stems and nose bridge. Damned sweet.

My sort of pseudo-job hunting seems to be having better results than I thought. And, the results I’ve been getting are using my degree! Plus, it’s kind of weird to be hearing that what I’d be making is around what each of my parents make, and this is a first real job where they’ve been doing them all their lives.


Alcoholism FTL

So, I’m apparently an alcoholic.  At least according to an amalgam of sources including the Mayo Clinic.

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Decaffeinating… 11th attempt (I think)

So I’m once again trying to quit coffee.  My doc has been after me to quit for a while.  But now I have a bit of a better incentive thanks to my girlfriend, Taylor.  😉



Sorry I haven’t seen much of you people lately.  I’ve been seeing a lot of someone else and it bothers me that I’ve been neglecting you awesome peoples.  We need to get a weekly game of some sort going I think.  I’d be willing to host if someone picks the game and GMs it.  I’d be up for Shadowrun, D&D, CthulhuTech, or really anything else.  Let me know!

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Why I can’t find a job

Thank you for your interest in employment with the UW-Madison, Division of Information Technology. You had applied for the Identity and Access Management positions recently and were selected to move on in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, due to the State’s budget concerns, the positions have been canceled and will not be filled.

We wish you the best of luck in your job search.

That says it all, really.

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An Art Commission

I was sort of commissioned to make this for someone’s forum avatar.  It’s just an outline right now.  If she likes it, she will tell me what colors it should be and I will color it for her.


A Kittensquid

A Kittensquid

The SVG source is available if anyone wants it.  I did it in Inkscape.


2011 Royal Arch Degree Festival

I got my Royal Arch Mason degree at the Racine Masonic Center today.  Here are pics:

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What Fathead Said

I have a new phone.  It’s an LG Optimus V.  When I’m using IRC on it, I tend to use the swype input method since it is faster than hitting each key.  It works fairly well most of the time.  Except when I try to swype in someone’s name.

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