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Twilight Zone Ep?

This came about because an overbearing drunken guest at the gf’s parents’ house last night kept trying to shove food in my mouth and was insistent I eat it even though I really didn’t care for it.

We were on our way somewhere for vacation.  We passed under a bridge where a high school Cross Country meet was happening and I ran into my old coach (yes, he is still coaching IRL despite being almost 80).  He forced me to work for him and was upset when I refused and Taylor started to leave in my car.  I decided “fuck pleasing the coach” and ran after Taylor.  🙂  (Even though I know she’d never do that to me IRL).  We needed to stop for the night so we stayed in the small town where the meet was taking place.  That’s when things got weird.

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My Favorite Comics

Part I:  The Geeky

#1 UserFriendly

UserFriendly Feb. 5, 1999

Meet Mike: Network Admin

Although officially on hiatus, it’s been nearly two years since it was last updated.  Still, this webcomic about a small-time Linux-based Canadian ISP is recognized as a webcomic long-runner.  It hit the ten year mark in 2007.  There’s enough archived content to keep any geek entertained for months. Read the rest of this entry »

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Body Mods I’d Gladly Sign Up For

The Anthro Package

Bionic Tail

Hopefully by now, everyone’s seen this pic of what humans would look like with honest-to-God tails: Read the rest of this entry »



Some updates

I posted pictures of my trip to Chicago here:


I took this picture of a groovy sunrise at work yesterday:

Groovy Sunrise at workee

Groovy Sunrise at workee

And I have a fun regex I came up with to do some text filtering for me:


For the regexically challenged, it finds all occurrences of the letter ‘s’ where it is not preceded by an ‘f’ or an apostrophe and not followed by an ‘f’, ‘b’, ‘k’, apostrophe, or word boundary, stores the letters preceding and following (if any), and replaces the s in the matching area with a long s (ſ). This reflects the proper usage of the long s. 🙂



Midwinter Gaming Con

I’m going to this tonight after 7:00.

Saturday January 15th

  • Vendor Room Open 10am to 6pm
  • Chicago: New Moon Rising hosts Werewolf 11am to 6pm
  • Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture hosts Vampire 7pm to 1am
  • Milwaukee: Black Crusade hosts Sabbat 11am to 6pm
  • Vampire:the Eternal Struggle Tournament
  • Magic: the Gathering Tournament (hosted by Board Game Barrister LLC
  • Open Gaming 10 am to 12am
  • Guest Speakers: Richardson Productions, Blame Society, Shadowland, the great Luke Ski and more
  • 5105 S Howell Ave
    Milwaukee, WI 53207

    Anyone else interested?


    Things in Teh Joshenlife

    I’ve been quiet for a few days.  I’ve been going to work and generally living daily life.  But a few things of note should be mentioned:

    1. Me & Alicia – not happening.  Probably mostly my fault, too.  Mackenzie is helping me through the post-mortem.  While this isn’t good news by any means, I’m not as upset about it as I thought I would be.  In any case, I still think Alicia is an awesome person and TRON WAS FREAKING AWESOME!
    2. I have yet another root canal scheduled.  After this one I will have no living nerve tissue in any of my four first molars.  (#3 had root canal therapy and a retreat and then was extracted due to a recurring infection and anatomical complications.  #14 had successful root canal therapy and is still fine.  #30 had successful root canal therapy and is still fine.)  #19 began to become sensitive and the dentist did post & core and crown prep on it last Thursday.  But it’s gotten more painful since then so the dentist suggested I schedule a root canal appointment.  It’s 3 weeks from now but ibuprofen works fine for the pain so I should be okay until then.
    3. I’m still working on the freelance Degree Scheduler for the Grand Lodge.
    4. I’ve joined a local furry group.  Part of a sort of network of furries around the southern tip of Lake Michigan.
    5. I’m going to the Midwinter Gaming Con here in Milwaukee this weekend.  E-mail or call me if you want to get a group together.
    6. I’ve decided that I really like the idea of Sean doing my fursona art.  Even if I could afford Amber Williams’ very high rates (and wait the two year backlog she has), it wouldn’t be as personal and special as having a good friend draw the character.  So thanks, Sean.
    7. I still haven’t found where they hide all the geeky girls, besides in other guys’ beds.  🙂
    8. And last night I managed to get a quote in xkcdb, said by me to PaulAgostinelli:

      [18:54:32] PaulAgostinelli: I just had the mental image of cyberpunk breast implants with touch-sensing spike traps.

    Other than that, it’s just been business as usual.  Once school starts, I hope to attend weekly Shadowrun sessions again. I have Chrissymas prezzies for Mackenzie.  And I still need people to help me drink the bottle of Gewürztraminer.

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    What has Amber been smoking these last few strips?

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    (cons (aCen, comicCon, anthroCon, genCon))

    The title is a reference to the LISP cons function that glues two or more objects together into a binary tree.

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    Caturday Stickies

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    The Adventure, Part II

    Things were going well until… Read the rest of this entry »

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