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Engineering Question

It’s been generally accepted that having a suction inlet at the lowest point of a swimming pool improves circulation.  Whether or not this is actually true is being debated but assuming it is, then it would make sense to have one.  But my question is what sense does it make to have a suction outlet at the midpoint of the pool depth?  Case in point: Read the rest of this entry »


Rick Santorum is Full of Shit

I’m not as good as Chad is with this political stuff but I’ve never seen anyone so utterly clueless shooting their mouth off on the campaign trail.  The first thing that struck me is that he told Puerto Rico that the only way they could become a state is if they spoke English, “in accordance with federal law.”  You’d think someone running for the highest executive office would have more of a clue that there are no federal laws establishing an official language in the United States.  Also, he called Puerto Rico a “bilingual country.”  Puerto Rico is not a country (any more).  It’s a U.S. unincorporated territory.

The second thing was that he told a nice and completely made-up tale about involuntary euthanasia in the Netherlands.  When asked about it, one of his spokepersons said that “he was speaking from his heart.”  To me it sounds more like he’s talking out his ass.

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Twilight Zone Ep?

This came about because an overbearing drunken guest at the gf’s parents’ house last night kept trying to shove food in my mouth and was insistent I eat it even though I really didn’t care for it.

We were on our way somewhere for vacation.  We passed under a bridge where a high school Cross Country meet was happening and I ran into my old coach (yes, he is still coaching IRL despite being almost 80).  He forced me to work for him and was upset when I refused and Taylor started to leave in my car.  I decided “fuck pleasing the coach” and ran after Taylor.  🙂  (Even though I know she’d never do that to me IRL).  We needed to stop for the night so we stayed in the small town where the meet was taking place.  That’s when things got weird.

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I’d be insulted if it made any sense

Some asshat spraypainted a sauwastika (backward Swastika, used in old forms of Hinduism) inside a Star of David with the words “I’m Shit.” on the side of the West Allis Masonic Temple yesterday.  I’d be glad to be insulted if I had a clue what it meant.  Apparently Jewish Hindus are shit?  But what does that have to do with Masonry?  AFAIK, we don’t have any Jewish Hindus in West Allis Lodge.

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Voicemail Teachings

You know, yesterday I got another call from some number that I didn’t recognize. Which is really all fine and dandy, people misdial all the time, but, when they call my cell phone, leave me a message and mention me by name, it gets kind of….different.

For instance, I apparently have a house AND apartments for rent in Sheboygan, and my tenants generally stay there for quite some time.

I, unbeknownst to me, or maybe I did somehow know, had a really bad fight a couple months back and didn’t talk to my girlfriend or her mother for a week and they were really worried.

Just the other day I found out that I hadn’t yet responded to an invitation to a reunion this weekend. That really sounds like me though, not replying until the last minute. Plus, it was left by someone with a name that I know a couple of. And, I THINK that there’s a family gathering/reunion this weekend too, but I can’t definitely say one way or another. But, the call came from a local area code when the only person with that name that would have known would be from a different area.

Do I do shit that I don’t know about? Do I have a double life?!


My latest rant about people

… Am I so thoroughly out of touch with reality?  Well, I am but…

Okay, so I was talking on IRC.  And we were covering dating and such and someone asked me out.  I said, “Well, are you a guy or a girl?”  And the response was “Excuse me?  Why does that matter?”  I said “I don’t date guys.”  The person said, “Well that’s just a bit sexist!  You should love people for who they are, not their gender!”  I was like “…wha?  I’m straight and male, I. don’t. date. guys!”  The other person said, “You seem almost proud of your sexist attitudes.  You really need to work on that before you even think about dating someone.”

Am I THAT out of touch?  I really hope this person was trolling because where I come from, having a sexual orientation is NOT sexist!  I’m not pansexual.  And I’m sorry but it really does matter to me what sort of genitals you have.  If that’s sexist, then sign me up for some old-fashioned bigotry ’cause I ain’t budging on that.


WB Executive Ass Kicking, Mink Style

By now everyone knows that I often involuntarily dream about my favorite furry obsession, Minerva Mink. The one I had last night was freaking hilarious:  She, being inexplicably pissed off at Paul Dini (WB Exec who fought hard to keep her on the air) kicked in the door of his office and went completely Sarah Michelle Gellar on his ass for firing Dan Haskett (world famous character artist and first one commissioned to do her concept art).

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Really stupid..

So, the other day I was at the mafia guy’s funeral and it was looking like my stay was going to be cut short. My cousin needed a ride to work, which I have no problem with giving her one. My aunt, though, was home. With a perfectly working van. I decided to see if she actually has a license or not, and as it turns out, it’s expired. Now, this is all fine and dandy except for the fact that my uncle is “borrowing” my gramp’s truck.

Anyways, it gets worse. I was mentioning this to someone and they called mistook the names; my cousin also had an expired license. And she was driving around for the past couple months. Oh, and neither her SUV nor my aunt and uncle’s van had insurance. Now, to realize the gravity here, my aunt and cousin can rarely go a couple months without an accident.

They’re playing with a loaded gun there.

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Globalization is…

… sitting in a restaurant in Waterford WI which serves Italian and Thai food while my mother drinks a Heineken and we listen to the Spanish love ballads playing over the restaurant speakers.

More on this day later.

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Holy Shit!

I saw this while reading the paper today.