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Parallelism in news

This was on this morning:

News:  Teen Death, France Shooting, Santorum

News: Teen Death, France Shooting, Santorum

It’s always a bad day when Teen Death, France Shootings, and Santorum all happen.

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Rick Santorum is Full of Shit

I’m not as good as Chad is with this political stuff but I’ve never seen anyone so utterly clueless shooting their mouth off on the campaign trail.  The first thing that struck me is that he told Puerto Rico that the only way they could become a state is if they spoke English, “in accordance with federal law.”  You’d think someone running for the highest executive office would have more of a clue that there are no federal laws establishing an official language in the United States.  Also, he called Puerto Rico a “bilingual country.”  Puerto Rico is not a country (any more).  It’s a U.S. unincorporated territory.

The second thing was that he told a nice and completely made-up tale about involuntary euthanasia in the Netherlands.  When asked about it, one of his spokepersons said that “he was speaking from his heart.”  To me it sounds more like he’s talking out his ass.

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Die deutsche Satzstruktur

“Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten.” (No one intends to build a wall.) Walter Ulbricht, 15 June 1961, less than two months before the Berlin Wall was built[69]

(Phonetic: “Nee-MANT hot dee ap-ziCHt, eye-nuh mao-er, tsu air-riCH-ten”, where “CH” is a slightly guttural hiss)  Word-for-word literal translation reveals German’s insane sentence structure:  “No one has the foresight, a wall to building.”  XD

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Best thing I’ve seen all week

From Mike Luckovich:

I’d like to say I had someplace to direct you for relevant news about the Occupy Wall Street protests or something, but I really don’t.  No one I’ve been reading covers it regularly or links to someone who does.  Still, this sums up not just that, but the way our politics are handled quite neatly.  All hail the rich.

EDIT:  Also, this.

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Why I can’t find a job

Thank you for your interest in employment with the UW-Madison, Division of Information Technology. You had applied for the Identity and Access Management positions recently and were selected to move on in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, due to the State’s budget concerns, the positions have been canceled and will not be filled.

We wish you the best of luck in your job search.

That says it all, really.

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About damn time

The Democrats have needed to get some good messaging going.  Even when they’re right, and their opponents are clearly insane, they’ve been unable to get things like this going.

Though I have to wonder whether they’re just becoming effective again because Obama’s campaign is starting up again.


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This might take a while

So I didn’t bother staying up to watch the election returns last night, figuring that the results would be the same in the morning either way.  When I thought “same,” I didn’t think I meant this:

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Everything I needed to know…

… about who not to vote for.

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday, April 5th) is the spring election.  Be sure to get out and vote.  If you weren’t sure before, the contempt for Wisconsin’s traditions and values shown by Walker and the rest of the Republicans (like my Senator, Fitzgerald!) in the last couple months should drive home the point that elections do matter.

I don’t think any of you live in my area, so I’ll just say:  if you live in Milwaukee Co. and want my opinion, I don’t know if I trust Chris Abele, but Jeff Stone’s an asshole who plans to continue where Walker left off.  So take that as you will.  You can hopefully find information on many (or possibly all) of your state/county/local races here.


I don’t know if you heard, but it snowed

And at 3pm, they started clearing the parking lot!

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What the hell’s the point of being willfully ignorant?

In one of my political science classes we covered game theory in relation to political theory. The end result was that if all other variables were taken out, politicians wanted what was best for them at that point in time; hence, their “rational choice” would be the one that would be the one that would most likely get them reelected. They had to appeal to the median voter to get to that choice, and that’s what frightens me. We’ve either had a huge shifting of the median voter or we’ve had people in office that that didn’t exactly appeal to the median voter. People can change, their political ideas can shift over time, or, sometimes they’ve been shifting but there’s just a snap. Regardless, I’m only thinking about this because of some debates that I’ve been having with people as of late.

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