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Chapter N, wherein an experienced organ builder levels with Joshua

I spoke with the owner and founder of the organ builders that maintain our church organ.  He and I had a good long talk about why I want an organ in my house and what I want to do with it.  Here are some things we came up with:

  • My voicing ideas are solid and would play many a baroque and classical piece very well.
  • My pipe designs are rudimentary but accurate and should sound pretty nice if I can get them all voiced properly.
  • My “coupling tracker” idea (of which I didn’t share details – only a rough outline since I’d like to patent it if it works) sounds interesting but only for very small instruments before the mechanical complexity gets out of hand.
  • In all truth, I really don’t want to build a 17 rank, 33 stop organ myself.

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Organ Dictionary

Pedal/Pedalwerk/Pedal: The keyboard you play with your feet. Full compass for pedal is 32 notes but this organ will have only 25. Unison pitch for a pedal stop is 16′.

Bourdon/Bordun/Bourdon: A stopped wooden flute of large scale. It’s intended to give a buzzing, resonant tone. 16′ in the pedals, 8′ in the manuals. It’s considered an essential pedal stop. In this organ, it provides the 16′ foundation tone.

Lieblich Geſchallt/Lieblichgeſchallt/Lieblich Geſchallt: A small-scaled 8′ covered flute with a very soft tone. This organ will have one made of wood instead of the more proper metal and it will serve as an alternative Echo foundational for the pedal division.

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An Art Commission

I was sort of commissioned to make this for someone’s forum avatar.  It’s just an outline right now.  If she likes it, she will tell me what colors it should be and I will color it for her.


A Kittensquid

A Kittensquid

The SVG source is available if anyone wants it.  I did it in Inkscape.


Conflict of Interests

Kay.  I like having fun and meeting people but here are some problems:

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Weekly Stickies

dustpuppy uses 69% of the total household electricity.




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How okay is it to anthropomorphize logic systems?

When I logged in to dustpuppy just now, I was greeted with a quote from Edsger Dijkstra, father of C++:

The use of antropomorphic terminology when dealing with computing systems is a symptom of professional immaturity. Read the rest of this entry »

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PoM Cookie File for fortune

The BSD fortune program (and its clone, fortune-mod, on every other UNIX) uses hashed text files (called cookie files) to print short snippets of wisdom, usually on login but also any time you want one (by typing fortune at the command line).  I decided to make a Penguins of Madagascar cookie file.  Yes, I do have 100% of the dialog of every episode memorized.  If I hear something twice, I remember it forever – that’s why I’m so good at Masonic ritual.  Anyway, here’s the ASCII version.  If you download the ASCII version, you’ll have to hash it yourself before it’s usable (type strfile pom pom.dat).  Here’s the pre-hashed version (x86, 32-bit).  For a re-hashed version, just download the pre-hashed one twice.  (ba-dum-tschh!)

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Liquor Recommendation: Lucid Absinthe Supérieure

Lucid Absinthe Supérieure

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