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Last time (today)

I promise, I will post no more (today) about gay marriage, but I simply had to share.  Some blogs I read were wondering what the Right was going to say now that they couldn’t scream “judicial activism” about Vermont and Washington D.C.

Well, I got the answer:

“Same-sex ‘marriage’ is a movement driven by wealthy homosexual activists and a liberal elite determined to destroy not only the institution of marriage, but democracy as well. Time and again, we see when citizens have the opportunity to vote at the ballot box, they consistently opt to support traditional marriage,” said [Tony] Perkins.

Good to know.  I wonder what they’ll say when 2012/14 rolls around and Iowa upholds the right of homosexuals to marry?  Or when the repeal of Prop 8 comes up in California in a year or three and people vote to repeal Prop 8?  Actually, on that second one, they’ll just say that it’s California, and hates your freedom or something.

Good to know that your elected officials are also judicial activists, destroying your democracy.


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Vermont FTW

Less than an hour ago, the Vermont legislature successfully overrode the veto of Governor Jim Douglas to expand marriage rights to all couples in Vermont—gay or straight.  This marks the first time that a state has legislatively granted these rights to their whole population without first having the courts intervene.  So add this to my list of why Vermont is one of my favorite states.

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Marriage equality advances in Vermont

This is unique, as no other state has moved legislatively to legalize marriage for homosexuals without first having the courts challenge existing marriage law.  The Vermont state Senate voted 26-4 in favor of gay marriage.  The House is supposed to take it up later this week, and is also expected to pass it.  Governor Jim Douglas (R) has supported civil unions, but may choose to veto this legislation.  If the House votes anything like the Senate did, it would probably be a nice symbolic veto of equal rights.

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