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Embracing the Dark Side

For years, I’ve resisted the move to the Microsoft way, it being driven entirely by warped corporate logic rather than technical excellence and innovation.  But it seems now that in the enterprise, Linux and Perl are now completely irrelevant.  One recruiter I met with had never even heard of them.  So I’ve decided to learn C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft Sharepoint, as well as how to develop apps for Android.  I still need a job and if learning .NET and Sharepoint is the only way to stay in IT, then I guess I have to.

I’ve seen tons of hype that the Cloud will generate 15 thousand IT jobs but does anyone actually know how to learn the skills employers want in whatever it is cloud people do?

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Furry Humor Archive

I found this by accident while googling around for a high-res MPEG of Hercule Yakko.

My favorites are the “You Might Be a Furry If…

The ones that apply to me: Read the rest of this entry »

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Lookie! It’s me! On a FAQ!

‘kay. So people have been asking some questions. And they should have answers. I’ve been avoiding this for some time but here goes:

What is a furry?

A furry is someone who has a fascination with or interest in fictional anthropomorphic animals.

Are you a furry?


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I wish the MPs were still around.  Acid Tests must’ve been an interesting thing to see.  But they’d be labelled as terrorists nowadays.

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PoM Cookie File for fortune

The BSD fortune program (and its clone, fortune-mod, on every other UNIX) uses hashed text files (called cookie files) to print short snippets of wisdom, usually on login but also any time you want one (by typing fortune at the command line).  I decided to make a Penguins of Madagascar cookie file.  Yes, I do have 100% of the dialog of every episode memorized.  If I hear something twice, I remember it forever – that’s why I’m so good at Masonic ritual.  Anyway, here’s the ASCII version.  If you download the ASCII version, you’ll have to hash it yourself before it’s usable (type strfile pom pom.dat).  Here’s the pre-hashed version (x86, 32-bit).  For a re-hashed version, just download the pre-hashed one twice.  (ba-dum-tschh!)

Here’s the full text for those who want to read it before they download: Read the rest of this entry »

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