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Reboot of SavageChicken

Dear Minecraft Users:

I need to schedule a reboot of the server that hosts Minecraft.  It’s due for a kernel upgrade:

* A new kernel is available. *
* Please schedule a reboot.  *

Kernel release is available in /boot.
Current release is

-root on SavageChicken

Please let me know if anyone objects to me scheduling a reboot for midnight tonight.  Thanks!


Your friendly neighborhood sysadmin.


Minecraft 1.8 on our server

Alright, so as you may know (because I’ve been stumbling links and video lately), Minecraft [Beta] 1.8 is releasing soon (I think the most recent news I heard said Monday).  What you may not have heard is that 1.8 is not going to be fully backward compatible with older maps.  This isn’t to say that the old maps are scrapped, but rather that with maps created pre-1.8, a fair number of the functions and features being introduced just won’t work/show up.  This means that we’ve reached a point where we can and should ask ourselves:  Do we want to start a new map for the server?

I know traffic on the server is not what it once was.  Perhaps we have other responsibilities, or simply built what we wanted and moved on.  Likewise, it’s possible that any works we establish will be negated again with the release of the full (non-Beta) version of the game.  Still, I ask all of you to participate in the poll, and decide whether we start a new land.

In the event of a new map, I suggest we still have a timeframe in which to save pictures or diagrams of anything we built that we feel deserves saving.  Also, perhaps get Josh to zip up the map such that we can get copies if we so desire.


Flushed Pets

That’s the only way I can account for the number of squid populating my sewers:

In related news, my sewers connect Moonglow to my house, to the spawn point, to Bjorn’s (though the connection hasn’t technically been made, it goes around his place, anyway), to Star Island, to Christa’s latest house (over 5 km of tunnels so far!).  I’m working on finishing the tunnels, as not all are lit or flooded as in the picture above.  Plus, I’ll be making more connections if/when people want the connections made to their places.  It’s mostly ornamental right now, but should the teleportation ever go down again, these safe passages will be quite welcome, I think.


Logging Minecraft after a few weeks, while tipsy, is no way to meet a Creeper

Enjoying the view from my mountain estate, when I heard a distinctive noise. Reflexively, I turn around, but see nothing. I heard it again, this time looking up.


That’s right, I come back from a hiatus to see a Creeper on my roof. I ran away before I thought to take a screen shot.

Come morning, I’m lighting up the Mountain.

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A Very Girly Tour

Today, I found myself standing in front of an odd little cafe. It seemed very unfinished as it was missing two walls.

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Well, can’t blame Hey0…

… since to get the server mod updated, he needs a semi-stable version to work with.  The 20th saw the Beta update, then the 1.0_01 bugfix, then an undeclared 1.0_02 update.  Today, I wake up to find this:

On the plus side, at least we know what’s going on…  Oh, and I thought it quite excellent that Hey0’s mod is popular enough to have


Minecraft, Skins, and Awesome

I have fallen to the Minecraft bug. I have to say, it was partly because it’s still half off through out the alpha, but I was also sick of listening to conversations about the game and not being able to play myself. I honestly love this freaking game.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, you must live under a rock. Check it out here. What I’ve been hearing from the boys is, “It’s like Legos!” and it is in a lot of ways. It’s been fun running around building things, and well there’s crafting involves, so I’m in. I’m really looking forward to being able to make some of the nicer things.

The greatest aspect about the game for me is something a little different than carving apart mountain ranges and building cloud castles. You see, you can reskin your characters. This means that if I want to, I can build a cloud castle, and then dress my character up like Rainbow Brite and live out some childhood fantasies.

So I made some skins. I’ve only made the three so far, and I made them mostly because the ones posted on the Minecraft forums are fairly male oriented. I, being an eternally five year old girl, made these for myself. Read the rest of this entry »