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Floating in the river, watching the stream go by, knowing your going to the end, and never knowing why.

Swimming this way and that trying with all your might, no change really ever happens, against the rivers might.

The river keeps on flowing, and this time, you swim back, urging against the surging, and still nowhere but where the river goes do you move.

The banks are far from sight, not that the current would let one pass, flowing with the river, knowing it can’t last.

The river ends in falls, it ends in rocky ground.

and one day this river will leave you off in space, freeing you to fall, and dash against the rocks, fast or slow, quick or long, the ends the same and still the river goes on.

Gone now are you, likely never known, and the rivers song keeps playing, sung by no one and everyone, for ever and never, the river flows along.

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The Day of Awesomeness

Part I:  I got to sleep in this morning.  Hooray!

Part II:  I had an excellent shot of espresso this morning (used the single-shot filter today instead of the double).


Part IV:  I’m getting my Royal Arch Mason degree this afternoon in Racine.  I can’t take pics of the degree work itself (obviously) but I’ll send any that are taken at the afterparty.

Anything going on tonight?  I expect to get back from Racine around 5-ish and I’ll be up for anything.  I ended up not going to the piano bar because I don’t like the idea of drinking and driving.

Also:  Have some Quenya:

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Some updates

I posted pictures of my trip to Chicago here:


I took this picture of a groovy sunrise at work yesterday:

Groovy Sunrise at workee

Groovy Sunrise at workee

And I have a fun regex I came up with to do some text filtering for me:


For the regexically challenged, it finds all occurrences of the letter ‘s’ where it is not preceded by an ‘f’ or an apostrophe and not followed by an ‘f’, ‘b’, ‘k’, apostrophe, or word boundary, stores the letters preceding and following (if any), and replaces the s in the matching area with a long s (ſ). This reflects the proper usage of the long s. 🙂



Mike and Caity (mildly NSFW and based on a true story)

Have you ever been in a situation where the best answer is still a wrong one?
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Mike vs. the Tiger

Based on a true story.  The names have been changed but the species have not.

Mike was able to make out the figures of a snow leopard and a tiger on the horizon.  They were embracing.  Now they were passionately kissing.  Mike stayed low, out of sight.  The snow leopard waved, then turned and walked away.  The tiger sat down regally, watching his love walk into the distance.  Mike relaxed.  Mike relaxed too much – he lost his grip on the root that was holding him on the side of the steep hill.
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Why I have only two recent works of fiction

I mentioned to Chad and Christa that I had two works of written fiction hosted at a website.  I’m not gonna link you because, frankly, nobody but me and one other person here would have any interest in reading them and I’m not particularly proud of having written them.

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Solving Word’s Problems… by ditching Word.

So I’ve previously discussed a series of problems Microsoft Word has, and as Josh rightly pointed out, we’re using a tool that wasn’t made for what we’re using it for. 🙂 Thus I began hunting for a new method of writing documentation.

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Hating Tools You Use Daily (A Microsoft Word Rant)

Well, since we’re discussing various projects we work on regularly, I’ll share (read: vent) some of my frustrations with a tool I use daily: Microsoft Word 2007.

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Just Another Job

So today I’m at work making mountains of snow, same ole same ole in other words.  As I was moving a bucketful, from the parking stall that was still half buried due to a mound of snow that had previously covered the whole parking lot, now occupies a corner;  I receive a phone call, I stop the vehicle, and quickly answer.  In the brief glimpse at the screen I had taken, before answering i noticed that it was from my boss.   boss “I need you to do a move.  Take two cases from USR, to Mitchel.”  I respond “yeah, I’m in the skid, bucketing.  i’ll go get my truck and i’ll be right there. Read the rest of this entry »


Voltaire was awesome

Voltaire has always been one of my favorite authors.  He and I would probably have gotten along well – he was obsessive over coffee and had lofty ideals of Freemasonry (even though he may not have ever gotten his Master Mason degree).  Today when I logged in to do some development work, the fortune program spit out this gem:

What is tolerance? — it is the consequence of humanity.  We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly — that is the first law of nature.
— Voltaire

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