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You need this bag!!


Uhh…  Bags aren’t incredible.  They hold my shit.  I really don’t need them to do any more than that.

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Things that could have been, should have been
Things as yet unresolved
Things that are, and were and didn’t and couldn’t
Times when it did and didn’t and might’ve
Times of joy, of sorrow, of bliss, of darkness
Times of pain, times of perfect and broken misery
But in the end all that is and was,
and might and never could, that which
is resolved, unresolved, started and finished.
That dreams, and wishes, memories and shadows
all that’s left is now.  
Where ever that is.

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Trip to 88 Keys

When are people free to visit 88 keys?  Fridays and Saturdays work best.


Mother in hospital

The mother is in the hospital.  She’s apparently had emphysema for some time but this latest round of cold and cough caused her to get pneumonia.  Last night she stopped breathing.  When she got to the hospital, she had a small heart attack.  They’re currently  treating the pneumonia the most aggressively.  She’s making progress but slowly. 


Walking the paths of Masonry

Each step in Masonry has a verb attached to it:
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Camoflage at work

For the first time in over a year, my car is once again in the garage.  With the renovations being made to the house, the garage was quite packed, but over the last several weeks, it’s been slowly being drained of crap.  But that’s not what I’m posting about.

On my way back in to the house from putting the car in the garage, I spotted something next to the door that made me pause and look a second time:

That is a stain, plus a moth.  The similarities are striking, and I can’t say I’d’ve noticed him if I’d not walked past only two feet away, looking in its direction.  Nature’s just neat, basically, and I own a camera.

That is all.

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The Quest For Girlyness : Where I’ve Been And Facials

You may have noticed that I have not been posting, at all. There is a good reason for t this, but that good reason also ran out of mileage a few months ago. You may know that I have some anxiety problems, and sometimes, when those problems rear their head, I curl up into a ball and do nothing until I’m sure it’s clear. This time, I’ve decided to actually deal with my anxiety problems. This is working….well it’s more like, it’s almost working. It works in spurts. Working on dealing with my problems is good, but makes me want to stay in a constant state of isolation. I want to avoid everything when I’m trying to not avoid fixing my life. So, like I said, it’s almost working. We’re making progress, and then I feel like the world is ending and hide from the world for a week.

For you all, this means that I have not only not been posting, but I have not been reading. You have been helping me by not posting yourselves. Good for you!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m sure you’d all love to hear about girl things that I’ve been trying. Read the rest of this entry »


Phony Pics

No, these aren’t photoshopped or fake.  “Phony” is a play on “phone.”  As in, these are pics that I took with my phone.

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Everything I needed to know…

… about who not to vote for.

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday, April 5th) is the spring election.  Be sure to get out and vote.  If you weren’t sure before, the contempt for Wisconsin’s traditions and values shown by Walker and the rest of the Republicans (like my Senator, Fitzgerald!) in the last couple months should drive home the point that elections do matter.

I don’t think any of you live in my area, so I’ll just say:  if you live in Milwaukee Co. and want my opinion, I don’t know if I trust Chris Abele, but Jeff Stone’s an asshole who plans to continue where Walker left off.  So take that as you will.  You can hopefully find information on many (or possibly all) of your state/county/local races here.


Teh Gathering, Mk II

Because three months without seeing Chad in a Top Hat and monocle is two and a half months too long. Read the rest of this entry »