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Mike and Caity (mildly NSFW and based on a true story)

Have you ever been in a situation where the best answer is still a wrong one?
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My latest rant about people

… Am I so thoroughly out of touch with reality?  Well, I am but…

Okay, so I was talking on IRC.  And we were covering dating and such and someone asked me out.  I said, “Well, are you a guy or a girl?”  And the response was “Excuse me?  Why does that matter?”  I said “I don’t date guys.”  The person said, “Well that’s just a bit sexist!  You should love people for who they are, not their gender!”  I was like “…wha?  I’m straight and male, I. don’t. date. guys!”  The other person said, “You seem almost proud of your sexist attitudes.  You really need to work on that before you even think about dating someone.”

Am I THAT out of touch?  I really hope this person was trolling because where I come from, having a sexual orientation is NOT sexist!  I’m not pansexual.  And I’m sorry but it really does matter to me what sort of genitals you have.  If that’s sexist, then sign me up for some old-fashioned bigotry ’cause I ain’t budging on that.


A grand day out

You guys remember Chris (aka SandCat) from my birthday party?  Well, he needs to get out of the house more often.  He’s into books and DnD and I was wondering if you guys wanted to help me show him a good time by hanging out at a bookstore or doing a one-shot game session sometime?  We can coordinate schedules.


Espresso Vodka will be my undoing

On a google search, I found that between Church and home is a bar called 88 Keys.  It’s a “Piano Martini bar.”  So I wander in and there’s nobody but staff there.  I explain to the bartender (who’s much younger than me) my whole situation.  He says he’ll help me out by explaining stuff.  But I’ve never had a martini before and I can’t stand vodka.  And it just took me 6 tries to type “vodka.”  At any rate, I ordered a glass of Relaxx, a very cheap riesling.  And I talked with people.

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Mike vs. the Tiger

Based on a true story.  The names have been changed but the species have not.

Mike was able to make out the figures of a snow leopard and a tiger on the horizon.  They were embracing.  Now they were passionately kissing.  Mike stayed low, out of sight.  The snow leopard waved, then turned and walked away.  The tiger sat down regally, watching his love walk into the distance.  Mike relaxed.  Mike relaxed too much – he lost his grip on the root that was holding him on the side of the steep hill.
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I’s an old man now! :D

I got my hairs cut.  I asked the lady WTF??? There’s a giant divide between one side and the other!  And she said, umm… you’re losing your hair there.  It’s fairly common for men your age.  I’m like, “Huh.”  I mean, I knew it was coming – my grandfather and uncles all have/had the same thing.  But it was just a WTF moment when I saw the huge valley there.  😛


Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Even though I have a date coming up on Thursday 😛


On the saving of $45

I registered for Anthrocon.  It cost me $45.  I’ve cancelled my registration.

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Quick Question

The car is getting detailed and I’m going to get detailed later.  I noticed that I never really had a proper first date before.  Am I supposed to bring flowers or something like that?  ‘Cause all the info on dating I have comes from old cartoons.  😛


The ADA/AA works!

I’ve not really been around here too often because 1) my dad had surgery on Monday, and 2) my brother was being discriminated against because of his hearing loss. So, I’ve been helping quite a bit more than normal around here and I was helping my brother with his issue.

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