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The Day of Awesomeness

Part I:  I got to sleep in this morning.  Hooray!

Part II:  I had an excellent shot of espresso this morning (used the single-shot filter today instead of the double).


Part IV:  I’m getting my Royal Arch Mason degree this afternoon in Racine.  I can’t take pics of the degree work itself (obviously) but I’ll send any that are taken at the afterparty.

Anything going on tonight?  I expect to get back from Racine around 5-ish and I’ll be up for anything.  I ended up not going to the piano bar because I don’t like the idea of drinking and driving.

Also:  Have some Quenya:

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My latest rant about people

… Am I so thoroughly out of touch with reality?  Well, I am but…

Okay, so I was talking on IRC.  And we were covering dating and such and someone asked me out.  I said, “Well, are you a guy or a girl?”  And the response was “Excuse me?  Why does that matter?”  I said “I don’t date guys.”  The person said, “Well that’s just a bit sexist!  You should love people for who they are, not their gender!”  I was like “…wha?  I’m straight and male, I. don’t. date. guys!”  The other person said, “You seem almost proud of your sexist attitudes.  You really need to work on that before you even think about dating someone.”

Am I THAT out of touch?  I really hope this person was trolling because where I come from, having a sexual orientation is NOT sexist!  I’m not pansexual.  And I’m sorry but it really does matter to me what sort of genitals you have.  If that’s sexist, then sign me up for some old-fashioned bigotry ’cause I ain’t budging on that.


I remember Quake Team Fortress

The original TF was probably the best game I ever played.  I was reminded of it when my login fortune this morning was:

<Knghtbrd> 2fort5 sucks enough to have its own gravity …

Heh.  When I started playing Quake Team Fortress in 1994, 2fort4 was the default map.  Everyone played on 3dfx Voodoo cards and Glide was the new thing in graphics.  Having transparent water and mirrored surfaces was so damn cool…  When 2fort5 came out there were upgrades to the base structures as well as enhanced gameplay – snipers could call in airstrikes!

I remember pipebomb traps, detpacks, MIRV grenades, nail grenades, and proxy mines.  OH!  And the 20mm autocannon option for the hwguy!  And how the medic’s primary weapon was an axe that healed instead of damaging.  😛

Does anyone still play the original Team Fortress anymore?  If anyone wants a server, I’d be willing to host.  SavageChicken has some spare cycles.

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Err, why does she have a pistol erection?

A pistol erection

Is that a shadow in your pants, or are you just pleased to see me?

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DnD, #xkcd style

I joined the D&D campaign that runs on Sunday nights in #xkcd-dnd (invitation required).  My character is an Elf druid with a wolf companion (can’t have a mustelid until 3rd level and even then it’s a dire weasel – no ferrets or mink :P):

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This is why I love #xkcd

19:31 < darthFerret> the title of an actual porno film:  "There's a Black Man in my Wife's Ass!"  Seriously, that sounds more like the frantic 911 call that ensued.
19:31 < Scouto2> Bucket, porn movie suggestion
19:31 < Bucket> Men in Black Women
19:32 < darthFerret> hahahaha
19:32 < Scouto2> ROFL
19:32 < cuddlefish> hah
19:32 < darthFerret> Bucket, you're awesome!

This is why I love #xkcd. Bucket is the most awesome bot ever.


A First Look at Carcamaica, the Ferret

I gave my very talented friend Sean this text file to work from and asked him to bring the character to life.  He’s done an amazing job so far and here are the first pictures that we’re both satisfied with:

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Why I have only two recent works of fiction

I mentioned to Chad and Christa that I had two works of written fiction hosted at a website.  I’m not gonna link you because, frankly, nobody but me and one other person here would have any interest in reading them and I’m not particularly proud of having written them.

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The Wiku Worm in the Wild

The Wiku-Worm

The Wiku-Worm

There comes a time in most peoples’ life when they decide to wrap themselves in a sleeping-bag and crawl around like a caterpillar.

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For changing Ajaxterm size.

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