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Yes, that’s a brilliant idea!

I had a dream that the corner gas station went out of business so I bought it and opened a combination convenience store and strip club called 8008135. Most people thought the idea was insane and I had issues with the health inspector so I ended up selling the place for only $100,000.

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Twilight Zone Ep?

This came about because an overbearing drunken guest at the gf’s parents’ house last night kept trying to shove food in my mouth and was insistent I eat it even though I really didn’t care for it.

We were on our way somewhere for vacation.  We passed under a bridge where a high school Cross Country meet was happening and I ran into my old coach (yes, he is still coaching IRL despite being almost 80).  He forced me to work for him and was upset when I refused and Taylor started to leave in my car.  I decided “fuck pleasing the coach” and ran after Taylor.  🙂  (Even though I know she’d never do that to me IRL).  We needed to stop for the night so we stayed in the small town where the meet was taking place.  That’s when things got weird.

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WB Executive Ass Kicking, Mink Style

By now everyone knows that I often involuntarily dream about my favorite furry obsession, Minerva Mink. The one I had last night was freaking hilarious:  She, being inexplicably pissed off at Paul Dini (WB Exec who fought hard to keep her on the air) kicked in the door of his office and went completely Sarah Michelle Gellar on his ass for firing Dan Haskett (world famous character artist and first one commissioned to do her concept art).

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Things in Teh Joshenlife

I’ve been quiet for a few days.  I’ve been going to work and generally living daily life.  But a few things of note should be mentioned:

  1. Me & Alicia – not happening.  Probably mostly my fault, too.  Mackenzie is helping me through the post-mortem.  While this isn’t good news by any means, I’m not as upset about it as I thought I would be.  In any case, I still think Alicia is an awesome person and TRON WAS FREAKING AWESOME!
  2. I have yet another root canal scheduled.  After this one I will have no living nerve tissue in any of my four first molars.  (#3 had root canal therapy and a retreat and then was extracted due to a recurring infection and anatomical complications.  #14 had successful root canal therapy and is still fine.  #30 had successful root canal therapy and is still fine.)  #19 began to become sensitive and the dentist did post & core and crown prep on it last Thursday.  But it’s gotten more painful since then so the dentist suggested I schedule a root canal appointment.  It’s 3 weeks from now but ibuprofen works fine for the pain so I should be okay until then.
  3. I’m still working on the freelance Degree Scheduler for the Grand Lodge.
  4. I’ve joined a local furry group.  Part of a sort of network of furries around the southern tip of Lake Michigan.
  5. I’m going to the Midwinter Gaming Con here in Milwaukee this weekend.  E-mail or call me if you want to get a group together.
  6. I’ve decided that I really like the idea of Sean doing my fursona art.  Even if I could afford Amber Williams’ very high rates (and wait the two year backlog she has), it wouldn’t be as personal and special as having a good friend draw the character.  So thanks, Sean.
  7. I still haven’t found where they hide all the geeky girls, besides in other guys’ beds.  🙂
  8. And last night I managed to get a quote in xkcdb, said by me to PaulAgostinelli:

    [18:54:32] PaulAgostinelli: I just had the mental image of cyberpunk breast implants with touch-sensing spike traps.

Other than that, it’s just been business as usual.  Once school starts, I hope to attend weekly Shadowrun sessions again. I have Chrissymas prezzies for Mackenzie.  And I still need people to help me drink the bottle of Gewürztraminer.

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Random Thoughts of the Day

  1. My brain forms odd thoughts sometimes.
    In the checkout line at the store, for some reason, I was re-designing major organ systems with bioengineering in mind.  At one point my mind formed the (oddly complete) thought “not being the owner of a set of female genitalia, I cannot speak to the relative advantages or disadvantages of one design over another.”  It was at that point, I actually paused and wondered why I was trying to redesign the body.
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The Furry Quizzes

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Rule 34 poisons your brain, too.

I woke up.  I was slightly unnerved but couldn’t figure out why.  I made coffee.  While I was waiting for the coffee to brew, the realization of why I was slightly unnerved hit me:  My subconscious had just lost its virginity to an anthropomorphic mink.  I blame the googles I had to do yesterday to research this article.  Needless to say, I think I’m over that particular subject for a LONG time.  Now off to read Freefall 😛  J/K.  I’m off to drink coffee, read the dailies (not including Freefall since I’m not up to today’s yet), and then take a bunch of old computer junk downstairs.  Now will someone pass me the Brain Bleach, please?


Friday Stickies

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Sleep Pasting

So I guess I’m awake now.

Last night, I fell asleep right around midnight.  A bit later than I’d like, but it was fine.  Then, from about 2:45 until nearly 5:00, I was waking up every few minutes, completely unable to maintain sleep, with no discernible cause—which, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, left me rather unhappy.  But then I did sleep, because I found the solution, and now I’m actually awake.  Or, if not, you’ll never see this post anyway.

Because here’s my problem:  I’m not certain I was waking up at all.  In the light of morning (or my computer monitor, anyway), I’m finding that my solution for returning to sleep makes no sense, and took about an hour and a half to implement.  It’s already begun to fade, but best I can tell, I had very old pictures (late 19th/early 20th century) which were keeping me awake because they were unhappy.  In order to convince them to allow me to sleep, I was going to have to make them happy, which seems primarily to have involved pasting them onto pictures of southeast Asia—particularly some really nifty Buddhist shrines.  Perhaps they wanted a vacation.

In any event, those pictures do not exist, and the whole solution, as I noted, is fading like a dream—as is the very memory of having been forced into wakefulness for a large portion of my night.  And yet I feel as though I got no sleep last night.  My eyes are still drooping, I’m having trouble staying upright, etc. all as if I had slept for only a few brief hours—which I think we all know is often worse than not sleeping at all.  Who knows?  Perhaps I was so driven to despair by my need to sleep that I simply fabricated a solution for myself that my sleepy/not-sleepy brain was willing to accept as the correct password for unconsciousness.

Whatever happened though, I’m gonna go get some coffee now.

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dustpuppy uses 69% of the total household electricity.




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