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Everything I needed to know…

… about who not to vote for.

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday, April 5th) is the spring election.  Be sure to get out and vote.  If you weren’t sure before, the contempt for Wisconsin’s traditions and values shown by Walker and the rest of the Republicans (like my Senator, Fitzgerald!) in the last couple months should drive home the point that elections do matter.

I don’t think any of you live in my area, so I’ll just say:  if you live in Milwaukee Co. and want my opinion, I don’t know if I trust Chris Abele, but Jeff Stone’s an asshole who plans to continue where Walker left off.  So take that as you will.  You can hopefully find information on many (or possibly all) of your state/county/local races here.



Blog Theme

So the blog has basically looked the same since it launched back in…well, a long time ago.  The theme is something I’ve wanted to change from time to time, but I could never find anything I liked as much as the one we’ve been using.  But I think it’s finally time for a change.

The other day, Josh asked about getting a different theme that would let his code post correctly, and he reiterated a request that I’ve gotten before (primarily from Dorney, but also from others); namely, for a variable-width theme, rather than the restricted fixed-width.  Unfortunately, every time I’ve browsed teh available WordPress themes, the non-fixed-width ones were uniformly bland, and would always eat any comments nested more than 2 replies deep.  Needless to say, that was unacceptable.

This time, though, browsing the newest of teh variable-width themes, I found two that were promising, and one in particular that promised to be “great for a variety of uses including technical blogs, long-form writing, posting code samples, and displaying large images.”  (emphasis mine)

Long story short, I’m going to be futzing around with the theme.  Hopefully, everything will work smoothly, and we’ll have a new, streamlined look soon.  But for when it doesn’t (because nothing ever goes smoothly), I’m leaving this thread up for your comments and complaints about the change.


Well, can’t blame Hey0…

… since to get the server mod updated, he needs a semi-stable version to work with.  The 20th saw the Beta update, then the 1.0_01 bugfix, then an undeclared 1.0_02 update.  Today, I wake up to find this:

On the plus side, at least we know what’s going on…  Oh, and I thought it quite excellent that Hey0’s mod is popular enough to have


Sleep Pasting

So I guess I’m awake now.

Last night, I fell asleep right around midnight.  A bit later than I’d like, but it was fine.  Then, from about 2:45 until nearly 5:00, I was waking up every few minutes, completely unable to maintain sleep, with no discernible cause—which, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, left me rather unhappy.  But then I did sleep, because I found the solution, and now I’m actually awake.  Or, if not, you’ll never see this post anyway.

Because here’s my problem:  I’m not certain I was waking up at all.  In the light of morning (or my computer monitor, anyway), I’m finding that my solution for returning to sleep makes no sense, and took about an hour and a half to implement.  It’s already begun to fade, but best I can tell, I had very old pictures (late 19th/early 20th century) which were keeping me awake because they were unhappy.  In order to convince them to allow me to sleep, I was going to have to make them happy, which seems primarily to have involved pasting them onto pictures of southeast Asia—particularly some really nifty Buddhist shrines.  Perhaps they wanted a vacation.

In any event, those pictures do not exist, and the whole solution, as I noted, is fading like a dream—as is the very memory of having been forced into wakefulness for a large portion of my night.  And yet I feel as though I got no sleep last night.  My eyes are still drooping, I’m having trouble staying upright, etc. all as if I had slept for only a few brief hours—which I think we all know is often worse than not sleeping at all.  Who knows?  Perhaps I was so driven to despair by my need to sleep that I simply fabricated a solution for myself that my sleepy/not-sleepy brain was willing to accept as the correct password for unconsciousness.

Whatever happened though, I’m gonna go get some coffee now.

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Minecraft Server

Joshy mentioned working on getting a server up and operating for Minecraft, and that’s cool.  In the meantime, if any of the rest of you are inclined to play, I’m hosting a server at the moment.  If you want in, let me know and I’ll drop you my IP to connect to.  It’s not entirely static, but I’ve found it’s stable for days or weeks at a time, which is close enough.



So, Minecraft is the hot new indie game around teh interwebs, and I got sucked into the craze. I spent much of last night hollowing out an entire mountain (and the area beneath it to well below sea level), and have many things I want to go do in this giant sandbox/lego-brick game. It also supports multiplayer, where multiple people can exist in the same sandbox world, doing their thing.

As such, I was wondering if any of you were into Minecraft (or wanted to be but didn’t want to be alone), and if we should have a shared multiplayer server to hang out on and build our castles in the sky. Anyone?


It must be morning

The internet’s too loud… And it took me six stumbles to realize I could do something about it.


Time Travel

Was just catching up on my webcomics, and I thought to myself, more or less out of the blue, “If you had a way to travel backward in time, the only way you could really know whether interacting with the past would have negative consequences would be to alter something and see whether you wipe out your timeline.”




I have really been away from here for far too long.  It’s been something I keep meaning to come back and post for, but I think the fact that it’s been summer, allowing me to do little more than lay here has really sapped my motivation.  There’s been meals and wine that I’ve meant to blog, things I’ve seen, funny things that’ve happened, that all just kind of got eaten by apathy.  I’m really kind of hoping that returning to some sort of schedule coming up next week will restore some of my motivation, or at least put me in the right mindset to write a bit more often.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve all been well.  I’ll try to get some more stuff up here soon.

In somewhat unrelated news:  Josh (or anyone else), if you want to try a few more wines without blowing the budget, Lindemans has a variety of wines under $7, at least two of which (the Syrah and the Cab) were quite good, and a fantastic value.  I’ve found them at all the major supermarkets, so they shouldn’t be trouble to turn up.


This made me happy

I know it’s been around for a while (this video for almost a year now), but I just recently found out about The Guild.  This was just excellent for me.