First Organ

I’ve decided to reproduce Raphi Giangiulio’s homemade all-wood pipe organ.  With two exceptions:  One is renaming the stops and another is adding electromagnetic switches to the 8′ octave keys to enable controlling a single-octave carillon from the organ console.  This organ will be all wood but the voicing is impressive and I’d never have known that there wasn’t a single metal rank in the organ!

New Stoplist

  • Soubasse 16 -> Bourdon 16
  • Montre 8 -> Principal 8
  • Bourdon 8 -> Gedeckt 8 (or Schleumpfgedeckt 8 if there are Smurf figurines glued to the stoppers)
  • Prestant 4 -> Octave 4
  • Doublette 2 -> Super Octave 2

Rationale:  I’ve never been a fan of naming stops on small organs more grandiose than on larger organs.  A Bourdon is 16′ by definition, not 8′ just because the instrument is smaller.  Also, I won’t be playing French repertoire music, so it makes more sense to use German and English stop names.  Likewise, the Soubasse isn’t a German Subbaß, but a Bourdon instead (actually Laukhuff’s medium scale Bourdon).  A true Subbaß is wider than the stop in this organ.  The Montre, Prestant, and Doublette ranks are correctly labeled for a French organ and really are wooden diapasons.  The Bourdon 8 is the same Laukhuff medium Bourdon as the Soubasse, just one octave higher.  My decision to rename it to Gedeckt is because (a) I don’t accept an 8′ Bourdon and (b) the scale on the 8′ octave of a manual 16′ Bourdon is the same as the scale on this rank.



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