Geeky haiku

No, not the BeOS reimplementation of the same name.  The poetry form:

I lie here alone
The darkness all around me
Damn insomnia.

A cable plugged in
A window to the network
Crap, the plug fell out.

Coffee in my cup
Warming my hand so nicely
I will sip slowly.

LCD Panel
The light of many pixels
My retinas’ joy.

Geeky comic strip
Why did your author leave you
With unraveled threads?

No e-mail at work
Host my own webmail service
Screw you, corporate drones.

Haiku in Notepad
Prefer to write with vi
Fingers too lazy.

No work to do here
The boss says to read comics
Happy to oblige.

Empty coffee cup
The sadness makes my heart ache
Time to get some more!

Pipe organs are neat.
But they’re very expensive!
Why must art cost so?

Furries are evil
Or so they say on TV
Hugs for everyone!

The job market sucks
So many still out of work
When will it all end?

Eighty-column mind
Said to afflict COBOL guys
Ever seen EMACS?

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