That explains the bounce messages

I have two accounts on my server.  One for admin work and one for Lodge stuff.  The admin one is “imbrius” and doesn’t have access to the lakelodge side.  The Lodge one is “jarmstrong” and has all the Lodge privileges. is supposed to forward mail to  That’s not happening.  Let’s find out why:

green (kitesfear) $ sudo cat ~jarmstrong/.procmailrc
[sudo] password for imbrius:
green (kitesfear) $ hostname -d

Rather nice of it to forward mail to itself. Thankfully, sendmail refuses to processes that and instead sends a bounce. I’ve heard stories of the bad old days when Sendmail wasn’t that clever and instead went into Sorcerer’s Apprentice mode whenever an external processor like Procmail created an infinite forwarding loop. Happened a lot with SMTP->NNTP gateways I’m told.

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