Beer Recommendation: Mönchshof Kellerbräu

Mönchshof Kellerbräu

Mönchshof Kellerbräu


Mönchshof Kellerbräu is an unfiltered Kulmbacher lager.

It pours coffee brown from the bottle, building a huge mixed foam head.  It has a cloudy appearance.

The aroma is malty with a hint of bittering hops.  The foretaste is fruity with a balanced malt sweetness.  The mid taste continues the fruitiness and really ramps up the maltiness without becoming overly sweet, thanks to the hop bitterness.  The rear taste is mildly bitter and builds a very pleasant hop flavor with the perfect level of bitterness and doesn’t turn off the fruitiness.  The aftertaste is of rich, flavorful, gin-like hops and buttery-sweet malts.

This is an excellent beer for pairing with lightly-flavored meats like chicken, grilled pork, and sweet fruits.

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