Officers of the York Rite

Blue Lodge Chapter Council Commandery
Worshipful Lodge of
Free and Accepted Masons
Excellent Chapter of
Royal Arch Masons
Illustrious Council of
Royal and Select Masters
Benificent and Magnanimous
Commandery of Knights Templar
Brother Companion Companion Sir Knight
Worshipful Master Excellent High Priest Thrice Illustrious Master Eminent Commander
Senior Warden King Illustrious Deputy Master Generalissimo
Junior Warden Scribe Principal Conductor of the Work Captain General
Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer
Secretary Secretary Recorder Recorder
Chaplain Chaplain Chaplain Excellent Prelate
Marshall Principal Sojourner Captain of the Guard Senior Warden
Senior Deacon Captain of the Host Conductor of Council Junior Warden
Junior Deacon Royal Arch Captain Steward Warder
Senior Steward Master of the Third Veil Sword Bearer
Junior Steward Master of the Second Veil Standard Bearer
Master of the First Veil
Tiler Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel


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