Twilight Zone Ep?

This came about because an overbearing drunken guest at the gf’s parents’ house last night kept trying to shove food in my mouth and was insistent I eat it even though I really didn’t care for it.

We were on our way somewhere for vacation.  We passed under a bridge where a high school Cross Country meet was happening and I ran into my old coach (yes, he is still coaching IRL despite being almost 80).  He forced me to work for him and was upset when I refused and Taylor started to leave in my car.  I decided “fuck pleasing the coach” and ran after Taylor.  🙂  (Even though I know she’d never do that to me IRL).  We needed to stop for the night so we stayed in the small town where the meet was taking place.  That’s when things got weird.

The people were nice but obviously distrustful of outsiders.  I soon found out that discussing the world outside the small town was considered “suspicious behavior,” refusing food was a capital offense, and everyone was forced to feed regurgitated food through a tube to cancer patients.  Refusal was punishable by death.  The food was mildly okay but people kept making us eat it even when we didn’t want it (because we needed the food to feed the cancer patients).  One patient I was feeding was actually a friend of mine who is deceased IRL (of heart disease, not cancer) but who was much whinier and desperate in the dream than he was IRL.  Every day, there was a meeting to tell stories of the town history.  And I discovered that the town was supposedly founded by a historical figure from Norway they found on an insert in a Norwegian menu.  When I pointed this out, the people forced us to go to a “dance.”  Which was really more of a brainwashing/indoctrination session.  We sneaked out when nobody was looking but there were guards in the parking lot to keep us from getting into our car.  Thankfully, they were lazy and fell asleep.  Since I had no clue how to navigate this tiny backwater town, I ended up at the entrance to a junkyard behind a hill.  While I watched, a pickup truck full of green grain pulled up and the side of the mountain opened and the truck went in.  Then I figured it out:

The people were under the effects of a mind-control virus spread through the infected grain.  After dead ending in a field of said infected grain, I managed to turn around and get back out of the town the way I came in, under the bridge where the CC meet was happening the day before, as we were being chased by angry townspeople with shotguns and pitchforks screaming about breaking tradition.

I have the most fucked up dreams EVER!

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