An Almost Epic 2 Weeks

I WAS going to do this yesterday, but I was beat. But really, it’s kind of an interesting read about what’s been happening lately. Also, just as a forewarning, I’m beat, so this thing my be laced with typos and grammatical errors

On Tuesday, 11/15, my insurance check came, you know, the claim from the water damage that occurred September 30th/October 1st and that still is not actually closed. In any case, I ordered new HDMI 1.4 cables, a wall mount, new receiver, etc. I also heard back from the ISO/DHS job and they wanted more paperwork, which is a good thing really.

On Wednesday, someone owed me a few thousand dollars so I went to my bank to deposit the check. “Oh, wait, this is dated for the 17th, we can’t take this.” “I’m sure you can.” “No we can’t. It’s dated for tomorrow. We can’t take it. It’s not the 17th. You need to get a new one, it’s dated for tomorrow, the 17th.” “That’s a bit of a drive.” “But it’s dated for the 17th, and today is the 16th. Do you need it today?” “Yep.” “There’s nothing I can do, it’s dated for tomorrow.” “Fine.” So, I went and got a check that he wrote for the 15th and changed the date to the 16th. Which is understandable with not wanting to write out a whole new check and drive all the way back. All in all, it takes an hour out of my day. So I get back and I’m greeted with a “Oh, it’s you with that check again.” “No, it’s a new check.” “This looks like you changed the date on it.” “Well, he changed the date from a 15 to a 16.” “No, it looks different.” “The other check was dated the 17th. I think it’s kind of hard to change a 7 to a 6.” “This check was tampered.” “I can give you his phone number and you can call him up.” “Hold on.” (I obviously don’t remember the exact words, but this was the gist of it) So, she went to get her manager or something and said that they’d make an exception for the wrong date this one time. Never mind that it was dated the 16th on the 16th, and the fact that she openly accused me, more or less, of forging a check. Me being me, I called up to make a complaint, and was told that it’d be forwarded to the proper person, I got the number for the branch manager, and so forth. So, the manager called me back, but my phone didn’t quite ring so I missed it. I listened to the message and he said that he talked to the teller and wanted to hear from me. I called back once, twice, a third time, a fourth time, and finally got a call back 4 hours after I originally called back. I told him my story and he was “sorry you feel that way.” I finally got him to apologize for the action and not how I was feeling, and he more or less admitted that he didn’t talk to the teller.

That Friday, it wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary. I got my new TV all set up and finally went to see what the White House was like. There was drinking by color, people coming in and out that I knew, or had some connection with, and what was originally only going to be a couple drinks ended up being a whole night.

Saturday, I got a non-form apology letter from the VP of the bank, with something saying that he talked to the manager (who was lying through his teeth), they’re reworking their policies, and basically that they catastrophically failed in how they provided me service, along with a substantial gift card and his personal contact info if I run into any more problems. Fast forward many hours later, I was at the Old German Beer Hall waiting to meet up with some friends, and met some other friends when I was down there. At ye old bier hall, I had 1.5L of beer, and I remember this succinctly, I was sitting at a table surrounded by girls, 3 of whom I’d seen the night before, and they started dancing on the table. Okay, no biggie, that can be expected, but there was another table of girls and they were just glaring at me while the others were dancing on the table. I was flattered that they think I had something to do with it, but I really didn’t. After that, I went to meet up with another group of friends, and one of them had the hottest girl around. We’re at this bar and she’s talking about how she’d like to get up on it and start dancing. No one objected. We all left to go to a different place and she starts talking to me, alright. “You know, I’m not really his girl. He thinks I am, but I’m single.” And all of a sudden the guy just comes to a complete stop and comes back to us. With them, I saw more nekkid than I’ve seen in some time. Like 6 different girls. I’m having a good time, and I was talking to my ex before and told her that I’d meet up with her. I got a text asking where I was, and I went to meet up with her, her friend (that I met once before), and her friend’s boyfriend. The next thing I knew, we were going bar hopping, my ex was hitting on her friend’s boyfriend and feeling him up left and right, and her friend was talking to me. Then I went home, crashed, and had a hangover the next day. I was also extremely elated when I found out that Andrew and Erin got engaged.

Monday, my cables and wall mount came. So I spent most of the day rearranging the speakers and moving stuff around. Which is surprisingly hard work. Along with wall mounting the TV.

Tuesday, my receiver came and I wasn’t quite done with stuff from Monday yet. And, I had to replace the cable box since just when I get a decent one, it decides to take a shit. I had the TV settings all good, did the EQ autoset on my receiver, and just got everything all ready.

Wednesday came around I had to clean up. Yippee! But later on my cousin stopped by with her friend (I don’t know if you remember or not, but you guys saw her picture at the SSYC with my cousin), and we all went to watch Pirates 4. There were a couple instances in which I caught her friend looking over. So I think I’m going to see what happens there.

Turkey day, well, it was turkey day. My aunt (who was recently hospitalized with a stomach ulcer due to her consumption of narcotics and alcohol) is literally bone thin. She weighs maybe 70 lbs and is around 5’4″ or so. She can’t move, or really talk, but she can drink yet. A liter of vodka a day. Oh, I also got to test the legs on my SC-55. OMFG, it had the house shaking and crystal clear sound with no clipping.

Thursday into Friday, I did some Christmas shopping, but not actually going out for Black Friday shit, I saw some of those lines and decided it wasn’t worth it. But yeah, with the insurance I had to spend $212.83 on games to get back $121.14 or something like that. I paid around $230 for 8 games, so I effectively got 8 games for a little over $100. For family, I got a new Kindle, an iPod, a new watch, clothes, TV, etc.

And that leaves us with today. Wherein I had a dream that I was in a musical and got hit on because of my swimming trunks. The girl that hit on me looked an awful like like my hair cutty lady, but with her being a brunette instead of blonde. And we had a musical number in a pool, a bus, a hotel room, a sauna, and then I woke up. Later on, I’m heading out again. So we’ll see what tonight brings.

  1. #1 by Joshua on November 26, 2011 - 5:11 PM

    Wow–My week was awful dull compared to that saga. This week I worked, attended 3 different Masonic meetings. I received my Order of the Temple (which makes me a Knight Templar), was elected Worshipful Master of Lake Lodge (installation on Dec 10-to which all are invited-see post on Facebook) had turkey day with family. Saw Taylor on Tuesday and will see her again on Sunday. And just today went for a little Christmas shopping and beer at Sprecher. Still waiting to hear from Chad and Christa re: working hours. Gathering all kinds of silly grab bag presents. How about everyone else? What are you doing?

    • #2 by Phillip on November 27, 2011 - 12:38 AM

      Most of my weeks are nowhere near that. That just happened to be kind of a once every year, year and a half kind of thing. It’s weird because I don’t really consider myself to be the kind of guy that goes out. Meh.

      I know I personally would like to get a date on the Christmas Party so I know to block it off on my calendar, and I’d have a deadline for gifts.

      By the way, congrats on the reception and election. The installation I would really love to make it to. I’m curious because the building is literally a 2 minute drive, and I’m curious about how everything works. So, if it’s possible, I will be there.

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