So THAT’s where all my bandwidth is going!

I noticed a significant increase in response times in my httpd logs. So I decided to take a look at what was running. I saw that transmission-daemon was using an assload of bandwidth (and causing a noticeable bump in IOWAIT time). For those not in the know, transmission is a bittorrent client/server. So I fetched a list of torrents and I noticed that one of them had a 771:1 share ratio! Here’s the info on that:

  Id: 4                                                                         
  Name: <REDACTED>                                   
  Hash: 7a617db5464640a5d4c83359c8c0d7fe5156775f                                
  State: Seeding                                                                
  Percent Done: 100%                                                            
  ETA: Unknown                                                                  
  Download Speed: 0.0 KB/s                                                      
  Upload Speed: 238.2 KB/s                                                      
  Have: 15.4 GB (15.4 GB verified)                                              
  Total size: 15.4 GB (15.4 GB wanted)                                          
  Downloaded: 15.5 GB                                                           
  Uploaded: 1204.9 GB                                                           
  Ratio: 77.7                                                                   
  Corrupt DL: 8.0 MB                                                            
  Error: Tracker returned a 4xx message                                         
  Peers: connected to 8, uploading to 8, downloading from 0                     

The name has been redacted for obvious reasons. Note the “Uploaded” stat. In a little over 30 days, I managed to serve 1.1 Terabytes of data from this one file alone! I think I might need to throttle that down a bit.

  1. #1 by Phillip on November 16, 2011 - 5:39 PM

    That’s…a bit. BTW, you may also want to take the hash out too.

    • #2 by Joshua on November 22, 2011 - 7:18 PM

      Meh. If anyone really wants to, they can google the hash. XD

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