Schumacher Opus 1, Phase 1

Phase 1 will construct the essential components of the organ, leaving space for future expansion.  The end result will be a functional (if very limited) organ.


  1. The 85 pipes of the Great Open Diapason rank.
  2. The 25 pipes of the Pedal Bourdon stop.
  3. The 73 pipes of the Great Stopped Flute rank.
  4. The Great windchest.
  5. The Pedal windchest.
  6. The 61 pipes of the Swell Nacht Horn stop.
  7. The 61 pipes of the Swell Flautino stop.
  8. The 56 pipes of the Swell Larigot stop.
  9. The 37 pipes of the Rohr Fute stop.
  10. The Swell windchest.
  11. The Pedal Action.
  12. The Pedal Rollerboard.
  13. The Great Action.
  14. The Great to Pedal Action.
  15. The Swell Action.
  16. The Swell to Pedal Action.
  17. The Swell to Great Action.
  18. The Great Piston Action.
  19. The Swell Piston Action.
  20. The Blower Motor.
  21. The Chest Bellows.
  22. The Concussion Bellows.
  23. The Tremolo Bellows, camshaft, gearbox, and motor.
  24. The Manual Keyboards.
  25. The Organ Console.
  26. The Full Organ Piston Action.
  27. The Drawknobs and Pistons.
  28. The Music Lights and Pedal Light.

Until all the parts are assembled, the organ can be placed anywhere.  Once a place is chosen, then I will build up the lower and upper framework that will support the windchests and pipes.  At this point, I will design conveyances for the facade pipes and link all of the actions together with rollers.



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