My Favorite Comics

Part I:  The Geeky

#1 UserFriendly

UserFriendly Feb. 5, 1999

Meet Mike: Network Admin

Although officially on hiatus, it’s been nearly two years since it was last updated.  Still, this webcomic about a small-time Linux-based Canadian ISP is recognized as a webcomic long-runner.  It hit the ten year mark in 2007.  There’s enough archived content to keep any geek entertained for months.

#2 xkcd

The Problem with Wikipedia

The Problem with Wikipedia

xkcd is exactly what it says on the tin.  It manages to capture so much awesomeness into a few line drawings.  There’s a ton of math and physics humor, punnery, absurdism, and generally brainy humor.

#3 Schlock Mercenary

Schlock Mercenary - Archives - Sunday, July 25, 2006

Schlock Mercenary - Archives - Sunday, July 25, 2006

(Clever web designers – you need to click the image to read the comic – their servers check the referring URL to make sure you’re actually looking at the whole page, otherwise they just serve a tiny snippet of the comic.)

Schlock Mercenary is a comic space opera about a band of mixed-species mercenaries who manage to take pissing off entire civilizations to award-worthy levels.  The eponymous Sergeant Schlock is a sentient pile of organic matter.  You’d be forgiven for mistaking him for a walking dung heap.  Not by him of course – he’d show you how well his custom plasma gun makes holes in things.

#4 Sequential Art

Sequential Art

Sequential Art

Sequential Art centers around Art, a (human) commercial graphic designer, Kat, a catgirl photographer, and Pip, a penguin e-bay jockey.  Roommates (well, flatmates – they’re in England) all.  Expect lots of light humor and parody.  Bonus fourth main character:  Scarlet (and her 3 sisters), a dippy, naive supergenius squirrel.  Alone, she’s easily an intellectual match for even the smartest dirt particles.  But with her 3 sisters, they’re just smart enough to build useful things that invariably cause Art, Kat, and Pip no end of trouble.  Sci/fi, fantasy, geek humor.

Part II:  The Furry

#1 Freefall

Freefall 00009

Freefall 00009

Freefall is a space opera whose main character happens to be a genetically engineered wolf.  She’s an engineer.  The other main characters are a cowardly kleptomaniac space squid starship captain and an intellectually flawed robot.  There’s a deep civil rights undertone to the witty sci-fi action as the author uses the strip to explore the concept of consciousness and the rights and responsibilities that come with it.  And before anyone asks, yes, I do have a massive crush on Florence.  I have since I started reading the strip.  She’s as close to my ideal mate as one can get.

#2 Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures

DMFA #1124: Usually any number higher than two confuses Fi

DMFA #1124: Usually any number higher than two confuses Fi

DMFA is a furry fantasy comic with an anime bias.  It centers around the hapless semi-retired adventurer Dan who’s just found out he’s an incubus and now needs to learn to control his powers.  It really centers around the ultra-powerful Fae Mab, who maintains a facade of simple-minded bubbliness but behind the scenes is orchestrating the events of history so as to hopefully avert disaster for all of existence.  Oops – I just ruined the plot!  XD  Don’t worry – you’ll still enjoy reading the archives – and there are a lot of them but the early strips are downright painful to look at.  Which is why the artist hasn’t redone them – she’d have to look at them long enough to do it.

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