Stupid POS Nokia!

I seriously hate this phone. I’ve had 2 of them, and they’ve both had the exact same problems. I think some of you may remember the fact that the color is supposed to be on the front cover. Yeah, that didn’t work on the 1st one, and the 2nd one it died some months back. That I can live with, but it’d be nice to have it do its pulsating light when I have a voicemail or text. So, the other day I was texting and it did yet another thing it’s known for; it lost the damned signal and couldn’t communicate with the tower again. Normally I can set it to airplane mode then back to normal and it’ll work again. No, if it fails sending a text it’ll still try to send the fucking thing and won’t turn off the radio. And obviously if doesn’t tell me if it has a signal until I try to send the damned text. So this involves a turning off the phone, turning it back on, waiting, and sending out duplicate texts for some reason. Now, this is almost kind of maybe liveable, as in if I didn’t want to fucking use my goddamned phone as a fucking phone! But wait! That’s not all! Get a Nokia today and you’ll get a phone that randomly deletes/hides text messages! Until you rip the battery out, put it back in, count down the 2 minutes before you can use the phone again, vividly recalling that you just did this 20 minutes ago. Lastly, if you decide to put a MicroSD card in to make a back-up, it’ll try to make a backup of the shit on the card! WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT THAT?! If you do it on a computer, it’ll make a backup of the phone and card, in its entirety. If you put an 8 GB card in, guess what, your backup is 8GB 75MB.

Seriously Nokia, how fucking hard is it to make a phone that does these things without a fucking spectacle? They’ve been making phones for years and years, I would expect that they could figure out how to get the damned radio to work with their shitty software. Which, by the way, is a scaled down version of other shit they use. Wow, I can see why Nokia is sucking a big fail cock. Next month I’ll be so fucking glad when I can get a new phone and shoot the hell out of this one. Or maybe run it over, or continually toss it into the ground. Whatever, as long as it’s not around anymore and it relieves some of my frustration with Nokia. And I would never buy another phone from them ever again. My next one is going to be another HTC, maybe a Motorola, or it may entirely be possible that it’ll be an Apple. Just as long as it’s not a Nokia piece of shit.

/end rant

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