It’s official – I’m an idiot

At work, we use a source code control system called CA-SCM (Computer Associates Software Change Manager) formerly called Harvest. The backend is all UNIX shell scripts and Oracle Database but the client is really just a plugin for the Eclipse IDE. Anyway, the idiocy comes in when I tried to check in a file yesterday. I got an error. I clicked “Details” and it gave me the Java stack trace. I was like WTF??? So all afternoon yesterday I waited for Harvest tech support. This morning I had an e-mail that said I was supposed to contact one of the techs as soon as I got in.

The tech and I went through the steps involved to recreate the issue. When we got to the error, he asked me if I’d looked at the output log. I said I hadn’t. We looked and it gave a perfectly rational explanation: “This file already exists but was not checked out for update.” *facepaw* It’s an error I’d seen hundreds of times before but for some reason didn’t twig that I should check the scripting output for clues. Thankfully, the tech was not only a nice guy, but a relative of a childhood friend of mine. So after literally calling me stupid (jokingly), he told me to have as nice of a day as I can under the circumstances.

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