Getting Ripped Off – The Easy Way

I went to State Fair just to hang out and look at neat stuff. I saw a jewelry booth that had a nice selection of Masonic rings. I was in the market for a new one since my first ring got lost at work. I saw two nice ones – one for $89 and one for $198. Naturally I went for the $89. The clerk offered me half-price on the $198 ring so I took that one instead.

Now it turns out that arguing over price on these rings was like arguing over whether I would rather have dog or cat feces rubbed in my face. You see, this vendor had no gold jewelry, despite his signs clearly saying “Gold Rings!” What he did have was German Silver (soft, dull alloy of silver and tin usually used for stained glass windows and musical instruments) that had been painted yellow. I know this because within 3 hours, the yellow finish on the ring had wiped off with my sweat and the ring was turning my finger green.

I attempted to return the obviously fake ring to their retail outlet at Mayfair Mall. The lady there said that the store had a strict “No returns or exchanges” policy (which was stated nowhere on the receipt or at the booth where I purchased the ring). So I coated the ring in clear nail polish to preserve the finish as long as possible and filed a complaint with the BBB. Interestingly, this vendor is listed as a BBB Gold Partner…

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