Geeky Anagrams

Anagrams for Google Android:

  • Adorned Gigolo
  • Reloading Good
  • Gonad Goodlier
  • Goad Gondolier
  • A Doggoned Roil
  • A Drooled Going
  • A Doodling Ogre
  • Dead Groin Logo
  • Dead Gorgon Oil
  • Lo, Dreading Goo

Anagrams for Unix Programmer:

  •  Ramming Purer Ox
  • Armoring Ex Rump
  • A Grimmer Urn Pox

Anagrams for Linux Programmer:

  •  Relaxing Prom Rum
  • Ramming Purer Lox
  • Arm Exploring Rum
  • Max Error Lumping


Anagrams for COBOL Programmer:

  •  Lamb Grocer Promo
  • Calm Broom Groper
  • Parlor Combo Germ
  • Armor Problem Cog

Anagrams for Perl Coder:

  •  Creep Lord

  1. #1 by Joshua on August 3, 2011 - 8:31 PM

    Also quite happy – Mozilla released Firefox and Thunderbird 5 for SPARC. My Sun Ultra60 is less useless now.

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