I realized something

Yesterday night I was thinking (and yes, that’s normally when I do my thinking), and I realized a couple things.

1) I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe that some things are kind of ordained; some things are unchangeable, but beyond those, everything else is changeable.

2) Regarding relationships, I’m nowhere near the best guy to date. I’m not really quick to open up to people, though sometimes I do. I’d have to say that the chase is more interesting than the catch. I like trying to see if I can get someone to do something, then once I do a couple things I’m pining for something else. Kind of like how in my serious relationships they were never continual. They were generally only a couple months long, then there was the boredom thing, then there was a thing where I needed her. And, coincidentally, I’ve been working on this from 10 and I’ve been talking to her the entire time.

I’m also oddly incredibly happy right now too.

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