3 Things

1) If I go to a doctor about pain that I’m reasonably sure is coming from a sinus infection, it’s most likely coming from a sinus infection. If I have a history of sinus infections, and a week ago I came from a dentist who gave my mouth a clean bill of health, it’s not a fucking abscess. If I have to pop Percocets like they’re candy to bring the pain down to a tolerable level, maybe, just maybe, you should possibly fucking entertain the idea that I have a damned sinus infection. No, now I have to take 3 different meds, and the antibiotics seem to barely be working now; 2000 mg of penicillin v potassium a day and it’s barely making an impact. No, I have to take narcotics to kill the pain, penicillin VK to try to kill the bacteria, and senna to kill the constipation effects of opioids. Which, let me tell you, leads to my functions running the gamut during a day. Feeling like I could shit a brick, to having green penicillin-y smelling piss and running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. All because when I told them I had this problem before and antibiotics fixed it they didn’t believe me.


Dear Valued Road Runner Customer,

We are sending this email to you to let you know that your email account XXXXXXXX@wi.rr.com has not been used for the past 748 days. If the mailbox is not accessed within the next 90 days your email quota will be reduced. If you would like to retain your current email quota, please log into it within the next 90 days by visiting http://www.rr.com and selecting the button for Mail.

Yes. That’s right, send an email to an account saying you’re reducing the quota unless I log in.

3) Who the fuck buys a dog from eBay? Better question, who the fuck buys a dog in Alaska, from eBay, and pays less than it would cost to put the dog on a plane and think that this entire thing is not a scam? My cousin, that’s who. Seriously, when it would cost you $250 to ship a puppy to here, another $50 for the kennel, and another $50 for vet visits for papers saying it’s okay to ship the dog, why do you think that they’ll sell the dog for less than that?


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