Summer D&D

This summer, we’re hoping to run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  I believe everyone who is meant to be invited has received notice by this point.  This post is intended to be a resource regarding the details of the campaign, and will be updated periodically to reflect new information.

The campaign is The Red Hand of Doom, from Wizards of the Coast.  I include this for your general enlightenment, but encourage everyone to avoid looking it up, lest you gain all the spoilers (and make us sad).  Dan will be DMing this.

Important Note:  This campaign is currently intended to be set in Eberron.   Eberron has some variations in rules and has additional races, as well as a different pantheon.  If you do not have access to an Eberron setting guide, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with a copy.

For character creation, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Eberron is the setting (see Important Note above).
  • The edition is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
  • Characters are to begin at Level 5.  This means:
    • 10,000 XP.  Next Level is at 15,000 XP;
    • 9,000 gold pieces with which to purchase starting equipment.  Consider this a hard number.
  • All standard races from the D&D 3.5 Player’s Handbook are legitimate choices, as are the main races from the Eberron Campaign Setting (i.e., Changeling, Kalashtar, Shifter, Warforged).
  • Additionally, lest you delve further into the Eberron set (Other Races), the following are excluded specifically:
    • Goblinoids of any kind
    • Aerenal Elves
    • Drow
    • Inspire
    • Anything else not listed (without DM approval)
  • Any Class from official Wizards books should be acceptable.  If you are unsure, get in touch with Dan yourself, or contact somone who knows how to reach him.
  • DO NOT take an Evil alignment.  Good and Neutral (and all variations thereof) are acceptable.
  • DO NOT (because of the intended campaign) take any Dragon-oriented or -related classes or major feats (or generally be a dragon-worshipping sort).
  • On the topic of Ability (STR, DEX, etc.) generation, the accepted method is much like Method #4 (p.169, Dungeon Master’s Guide), with a minor adjustment.  To quote the DM:

Say you roll 2 3 4 5, you don’t reroll.  If you roll 1 2 3 4—no reroll.  1 1 2 3, though, you reroll one of the 1’s.  1 1 1 2, you’d reroll two of the 1’s.  And you only reroll once, if you get a 1 again your stuck with it.

You may note here, that specifically you are allowed to reroll the 1’s that would count into your Ability score, and you are allowed to do this for every Ability score, not just one of them.  If you find this too complicated, you are of course free to generate using the standard rules found on page 7 of the Player’s Handbook.

For reference, the characters being preliminarily constructed (subject to extensive changes) are:

  • Bjorn:  Warforged – Combat Cleric – ([Neutral/Lawful]? Good)
  • Chad:  Human or Dwarf – Knight or similar – (Lawful [Neutral/Good]?)
  • Christa:  Shifter? – Scout? – (Unknown Alignment)
  • Josh: Human? – Support Mage of some variety – (Unknown Alignment)
  • Mackenzie:  Elf – Wizard – (Chaotic Neutral)
  • Bob:  Unknown Race – Unknown Class – (Unknown Alignment)

If you have any questions/thoughts/etc., this is the place to publicly express them.  If you have information to share (e.g., updating your current character plans), please post it here.  This post, as I noted above, will be updated as new information—such as times, dates, and locations of games—becomes available.



  1. #1 by Joshua on May 21, 2011 - 6:37 PM

    I’ll scan the character sheet as soon as the machine with the scanner finishes installing Linux. But here’s the baseline:

    Imbrius: Level 5 human wizard. Lawful Neutral, Male, 6’0″, 226lbs. copper hair, full beard.
    STR 8, DEX 12, CON 11, INT 16, WIS 12, CHA 9
    AC 11, HP 12, Initiative 1
    Fort. +1, Ref. +4, Will +5, BAB +2, Spell Resistance +3, Grapple +1

    Quarterstaff of Slowing:
    +3 attack bonus, 1d6 damage, x2 crit, bludgeoning nonlethal
    Second attack:
    +1 attack bonus, 1d6 damage, x2 crit, bludgeoning nonlethal

    Skills of Note: Concentration +9, Craft: Books +4, Craft: Scribe +5, Craft: Letter +4, Knowledge: Arcana +9, Knowledge: History +2, Knowledge: Geography +2, Profession: Guide +2, Profession: Scribe +2, Spellcraft +11

    Quarterstaff of Slowing, Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, 10 Candles, Crowbar, Flint & Steel, Ink, Inkpen, Lamp, Mirror, Oil, 20 sheets of parchment, Belt Pouch, 50ft of hemp rope, Sealing Wax, Sewing Needle, Thread, Torch, Waterskin, Spellbook, Spell Component Pouch, Scholar’s Outfit (custom), Bag of Holding I.

    Common, Elven, Draconic, and one additional. Any ideas?

    2PP, 733GP, 4SP, 9CP (2,733.49gp)

    Scribe Scroll, Combat Casting, Extend Spell (metamagic), Empower Spell (metamagic), Spell Penetration.

    Spells per day: 0:4,0;1:3,1;2:2,1;3:1,1
    Spells Known:
    Level 1: Protection from Evil, Shield, Mage Armor, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Detect Secret Doors, Charm Person, Tensor’s Floating Disk.
    Level 2: Blur, Invisibility, Protection From Arrows*, Resist Energy*, Locate Object*, See Invisible*, Continuous Flame*, Darkness*, Shatter*, Bear’s Endurance*, Bull’s Strength*, Cat’s Grace*, Dark Vision*, Eagle’s Splendor*, Fox’s Cunning*, Knock*, Levitate*, Owl’s Wisdom*, Rope Trick*, Spider Climb*.
    Level 3: Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Magic Circle against Evil, Dispel Magic*, Arcane Sight*, Tongues*, Heroism*, Hold Person*, Daylight*, Wind Wall*, Displacement*, Fly*, Haste*, Keen Edge*, Greater Magic Weapon*, Shrink Item*, Slow, Water Breathing*

    * denotes spells purchased

    Carcamaica “Mike”, ferret [weasel]. Sleeps in a fur-lined pouch sewn into hood of Scholar’s Robe. Sleeps from 10 AM – 6 PM and from 11PM – 4AM. Most active at dawn and dusk. Can stage an illusory sword fight between himself and a lesser image of himself for pure entertainment value. Otherwise likes to sit on master’s shoulders. Sometimes creates illusory copy of himself to play with. Sleeps with small stuffed animal that nobody ever sees except Imbrius when he goes to wash the robe.

    Personality: Obedient, loyal, good-tending, by-the-book, efficient, well-spoken, nervous, anxious, jumpy, honest, intelligent, can hyperfocus, organized, neat. Keeps a journal. Is fond of knowledge for its own sake. Sounds arrogant without meaning to.

    • #2 by Joshua on May 21, 2011 - 6:39 PM

      Fond of mind-altering beverages, especially tea and absinthe.

    • #3 by Chadwick on May 21, 2011 - 7:20 PM

      With the spare cash lying around, you might want to consider picking up something to increase your AC, since I think I could kick you to death in my sleep.

      • #4 by Joshua on May 22, 2011 - 7:00 AM


      • #5 by Joshua on May 22, 2011 - 7:01 AM

        Any recommendations?

        • #6 by boboncalc on May 22, 2011 - 9:56 AM

          Anything, you lose all the money you don’t spend.

  2. #7 by boboncalc on May 21, 2011 - 7:22 PM

    How are you going to fight back in combat?

    • #8 by Joshua on May 22, 2011 - 7:01 AM

      Yeah I’ve gotten some feedback that my spell selection is way off. Any ideas on what I should be looking at?

      • #9 by Chadwick on May 22, 2011 - 7:59 AM

        Magic Missile never hurts.

        • #10 by Chadwick on May 22, 2011 - 8:42 AM

          Also, don’t listen to me, I’ve never built a wizard.

      • #11 by boboncalc on May 22, 2011 - 9:58 AM

        Magic missile is the basic wizard spell, if you don’t find any other damage spells you like prepare that a few times per day.

        • #12 by boboncalc on May 22, 2011 - 10:00 AM

          Oh, and you might want to keep track of your action points somewhere too.

      • #13 by Chadwick on May 22, 2011 - 10:23 AM

        Okay, my basic readthrough, having only played one sorcerer more than a decade ago. These are just some suggestions, and you wouldn’t need all of them. Just a couple to fall back on would probably be good:

        Level 1: Burning Hands and Magic Missile – A cone of flame doing 5d4, and a set of 3 missiles doing 1d4+1 each. Both would kill you, and so would be nice against packs of lower-level enemies (like hordes of goblins or kobolds).

        Also, Color Spray and Ray of Enfeeblement, which are more status-effect-y, but still useful; stunned creatures (from Color Spray) are easy pickings for any other damage dealer, or even your own staff, and with a good roll on Ray of Enfeeblement, they’d have a hard time landing blows or causing damage.

        Level 2: Melf’s Acid Arrow and Scorching Ray are two solid ranged touch attacks, which is great for you; probably never have to beat much more than a 15, unless they’ve got fancy magicks (and you can keep your distance). Melf’s Acid Arrow does a 2d4 on impact, and continues to do it for another round after (2 rounds as soon as you level up). Scorching Ray is the nastier 4d6 (with a second ray at level 7).

        Level 3: The ever-popular (for a reason) Fireball and Lightning Bolt. I’ve always preferred Lightning Bolt myself, since the Line is less likely to slay party members than the Fireball’s Radius. Either way, you’re dropping 5d6 (+1d6 per level) with each cast.


        I don’t know what the cost is to add those spells on, so you might just be able to add them, but if you have/want to swap them out, here’s my list of ones that I’d start by dropping, in rough order:

        Level 1: Charm Person, Tensor’s Floating Disc, Identify, Protection from Evil. And I don’t think I’d really want to ditch all of those. Charm Person’s the only one I don’t really care about, but still it could be helpful.

        Level 2: Shatter, Fox’s Cunning.

        Level 3: Greater Magic Weapon (You’re only getting a small benefit from this on your staff until you hit level 8; the +1 on Attack Rolls doesn’t stack with the masterworkness inherent in your staff), Slow.

        • #14 by boboncalc on May 22, 2011 - 6:15 PM

          I like melf’s acid arrow myself. And Josh, if you want, get my number from Bjorn or Chad, give me a call sometime monday or tuesday, i’m off both days, and I’ll help you fix a few things up.

  3. #15 by Joshua on May 23, 2011 - 5:58 PM

    Okay so I’m going to completely redo the character since even I don’t like where he ended up. Craft (Bookbinding)? How in the fuck is that useful in any universe? So rather than shooting for an expy of me, I’m just going to make a semi-usable backup mage. Or try to in any case. If it helps, all my successful characters in Shadowrun have either been drone riggers or security specialists.

    • #16 by Chadwick on May 23, 2011 - 6:47 PM

      If it would help any, Friday afternoon (if you’re free) the two of us could get together and see where we’re at and bounce ideas off each other in person.

      • #17 by Chadwick on May 23, 2011 - 6:49 PM

        Actually, crap. Not sure if I’ll have a car that day. Well, unless you wanted to visit me. I’ll have to look into it.

        • #18 by Joshua on May 23, 2011 - 7:14 PM

          Potentially? I have a date at Alterra at 7 so I dunno.

          • #19 by Chadwick on May 23, 2011 - 8:57 PM

            Ah. Well I wouldn’t want to get in the way of some sweet Josh-lovin’.

          • #20 by Joshua on May 24, 2011 - 6:47 AM

            Her name’s Jenny. She’s cute as a button. Absolutely hates coffee but loves Alterra’s blended teas. And I’m not anticipating any Joshy-lovin’. Just some fun conversation. 🙂

          • #21 by Chadwick on May 24, 2011 - 7:23 AM

            Isn’t that the same thing, potentially?

  4. #22 by Joshua on May 23, 2011 - 7:20 PM

    Can someone please look up the stats on a weasel for me? I’m looking to use it as a familiar and I need to know its base stats (level 5 character). Thanks!

    • #23 by Chadwick on May 24, 2011 - 7:25 AM

      • #24 by Chadwick on May 24, 2011 - 7:25 AM

        “The statistics presented here can also apply to ferrets.”

      • #26 by Chadwick on May 24, 2011 - 7:43 AM

        Also, because it’s a familiar: “Master gains a +2 bonus on Reflex saves.”

      • #27 by Joshua on May 28, 2011 - 9:13 AM

        Aww… Site’s down. 😦

        • #28 by Chadwick on May 28, 2011 - 12:06 PM

          • #29 by Chadwick on May 28, 2011 - 12:11 PM

            Just noticed they’re the same CR as Kobolds.

        • #30 by Joshua on May 28, 2011 - 12:45 PM

          It seems that the DMG lists Ferret as the weasel familiar option for Small or Extra Small sized PCs. I got the stats from there.

  5. #31 by Joshua on May 28, 2011 - 1:34 PM

    Do we have a time and place yet for these?

    Also, new character is done. Better abilities and more diverse and useful skills and equipment.

    Spell List:
    Grease, Mage Armor, Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors, Magic Missile, Identify, Burning Hands, Unseen Servant, Rope Trick, Blur, Fireball, Haste, Tongues

    That look better?

    • #32 by Chadwick on May 28, 2011 - 6:59 PM

      Yeah. Though much shorter. Is that abridged, or did something change to alter how many you have?

      • #33 by Joshua on May 29, 2011 - 6:21 PM

        I spent more money on some minor wondrous items like an ioun stone that lets me not need food ever and a Bag of Holding Type II. And a Pearl of Power I and a Wand of Magic Missile (Level 3) with 50 charges. For emergencies.

        • #34 by Chadwick on May 29, 2011 - 8:53 PM

          Ah. I greatly look forward to the details of your character. Soon, I shall decide on which form of my character to use, and then I shall disclose my own detail! Also, totally drunk right now. I can barely feel my tongue.

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