My gramps is finally seeing a lawyer, who somehow managed to talk my gramps into finally getting a will drawn up. My gramps had previously decided, on the advice of his financial adviser, that he didn’t need a will because he could just get my uncle to sign something saying that he’d distribute the funds as my gramps told him now. Now, basic contract law states that 1) the parties involved need be around, i.e., if one party dies the contract becomes nullified, and, 2) you can’t enter into a contract without getting something out of it, so my uncle can’t say he’ll give the money away and not get anything from it. Further, my aunt and uncle had their house foreclosure auction 3/28 and it’s going to be confirmed by a judge on 7/11. Is it really a good idea to put stuff in his name? They’re within the 7 year bankruptcy limit until October, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll file for it then too. Again, is it really a good idea to transfer assets? My mom and I have been telling gramps this stuff for about a year now, and now that he hears it from the lawyer he’s going through with it. It’s going to be an interesting summer. And, insofar as I know, the farm and cottage are going to my mom, and she’s also going to be the executor of his estate.

Which leads to my other point. Some time ago I was kvetching about someone upnorth lying to gramps, and so forth and so on. Well, as I found out yesterday, he’s throwing a hissy fit because someone kicked him off of someone else’s hunting stand. Brian (Bob’s son) kicked Danny (kvetching bastard’s [a.k.a. John] son) out of a hunting stand that Mikey (John & Bob’s brother) built and gave to my uncle, and it’s on the farm. The farm that, last time I checked, is still private property that belongs to my gramps. How the fuck can you bitch about someone kicking someone out of something that’s not yours, and when it’s happening on land that’s not fucking yours?! That seriously pisses me off. It’s not your thing, on your land, and you weren’t given permission to use it, and yet you get pissy when someone kicks your ass off of it. What a fucking crybaby.

  1. #1 by Joshua on May 15, 2011 - 8:34 AM

    Easy. Anyone can bitch about anything. You should have seen the stink I raised about getting banned from #xkcd on foonetic. My bitching about getting banned from #xkcd got me banned from #xkcdfurs too. đŸ˜› Since then I’ve learned a lot about not bitching about stuff.

    • #2 by Phillip on May 15, 2011 - 11:13 PM

      You’re right with the fact that anyone can bitch about anything, but I can see about bitching about stuff if there’s a genuine gripe. Hell, I bitch all the time about things (as this post is evidence of), and I’ve been known to go onto rants for some time. And sometimes over little things too, but, I’m also continually reminded of those rants. On that same token, I’ve had problems taken care of because I bitched.

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