I Finally Upgraded! And some more things..

…my router. I’m now running Toastman’s Tomato on an Asus RT-N16. I decided to go with a single band router for 2 reasons, the first being cost. Dual-banders, with the features I wanted, cost half again as much. The second is that there’s not a single PC here (I think) that supports the 5 GHz band, and all but 2 support N. The first thing I noticed is that this thing has a ton more available memory, there are people out there that managed to put an anti-virus program on it, set it up for use as a server, use it for torrenting, getting stuff off of usenet, and so forth. So, it goes without saying that since I’m just using it as an AP, the thing is damned near rock solid. The only hiccups were when, every 3rd or so reboot, it will throttle down one particular PC, regardless of whether or not it was using one wireless card or another. But, it’s been up now for about a month and everything works. So now it’s time for some tweaking!

I came, I saw, I conquered…Portal 2. Only maybe 2 days after its release…stupid Wheatley, turning evil.

Now I’m working on Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on my PSP. I have some 50 hours or so in it and I think I approve of it, but with a couple caveats. The first is that if you change classes, or if you get a new character, you have to level them up. Now, this is a slight problem when the rest of your team is level 20, with the higher levels using better equipment/skills/more hp/etc. than the lower level guys. So, the enemies target the lower level guys and they’re dead in a single hit. BUT, the classes as a whole level up, so it’s not just a single character.

I had a not bad cold the week before Easter. Normally when I get a cold I get a sinus infection unless I take preventive steps, so I tried that this last time and ended up making myself much fucking worse. I ended up with bronchitis and was miserable for a week.

I’ve been reading a book buy the guy that looks like Emma Watson, and, it started off really, REALLY, slow but now it’s kind of picked up. I can’t understand the point of that book, people who are religious use faith as their basis, and faith is the antipathy of reason. Anyways, my feeling of it is that Dawkins comes across kind of pompous. And the vocabulary, jeezy creezy, the guy fastidiously goes about the most verbose phrases with chiefly recondite words. It’s annoying.

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