Knee stuffs

It’s no secret that I have knee pain. What’s actually happening is that my kneecaps don’t slide as smoothly as they should (yay cartilage degradation!) and they’ll sometimes snag on my femurs. Or, sometimes, my caps won’t track right and I can’t support any weight on them.

I’ve gone for physical therapy a few times, and that hasn’t really helped. So, this latest time with my doc, I was handed a couple options. I was also more or less told that it’s never going to go away, so eventually I’ll be needing to use the most extreme option.

1) Take pills. Pills that cause sleepiness and yet tell me not to sleep for so long after I take them. And really annoying heartburn. And absolutely no drinking at all. And no antacids.
2) Cortisone injections.
3) Some more drastic measure that involves slicing me open.

I’m obviously going with #1. Surprisingly enough, they’re having an effect, though not killing the pain entirely.

  1. #1 by Joshua on February 23, 2011 - 6:57 AM

    đŸ˜¦ We’re sorry the Phil is borked.

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