No Access to Shortwave

To settle a bet, could someone with access to a shortwave receiver tell me if Cherry Ripe (21866 kHz USB, transmitting from Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia with a target coverage of mainland China) is still on the air?  I’ve found few references to it after the frequency change and transmitter move in November of 2009.  I do know that its ENIGMA E3 sister station, the Lincolnshire Poacher, is confirmed dead in 2008.  Both were operated by British Intelligence for an unknown purpose (but speculated to be used for communication with undercover foreign operatives).

Also, UVB-76 is a lot less interesting now that we know who uses it and why.  (It’s a propagation widget / relay testing station used by at the very least the Republic of Lithuania.  We still don’t know who runs it or what program it’s part of.)

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