Teh Random Rumblings of Me, Myself and I

I had jury duty on Monday and ended up not having to serve. Actually, no one had to serve because they decided to switch from a jury trial to a court trial. Now, this was out in ‘Tosa at the Children’s Court thing. I’ve never been there before, so I naturally hopped onto Google Maps for it and they were  complete trash. I ended up just driving out that direction hoping that I’d find it. And I did, but with 10 minutes to spare.

We have 2 pick-ups here, and last week I went to price out caps, so within the next couple days it should be here. Those things are damned expensive for being what they are. Though, I’ll admit, when we were hit with the blizzard it was kind of nice to have that truck. The thing has a package on it that’s basically meant for off-roading, so it was nice to be able to plow through snow drifts a couple feet high.

I love my Kindle. I’ve read 3 books already this year! Considering that last year..or the year before..or any number of years from ’91 until this year I only really read one book a year, that’s a huge improvement.

I’m heading back in to see the doctor about my knees. They’re popping like all hell, have a dull achy pain that turns sharp as soon as I move it, and kind of squishy when I push the bone. This time I think they’ll have it in my records that there really is a problem; one of the last times the doctor was trying to tell me that there wasn’t any problem, and while doing the extension/contraction thing it did the whole popping/grinding thing. The look on his face just changed and he sent me for my MRI.

Apparently, it’s normal for people to have lunulae; I have none. It’s also apparently not normal for fingers to turn blue. But, I’ve lived with both of these for as long as I can remember. Though, I shall have both of these looked at when I visit my doctor.

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