Things I don’t like about my job #341: Database Performance

141 seconds to delete one row

141 seconds to delete one row

Now this was a DUMMY ROW used as a placeholder for future brands!  It contained only one field that had more than a non-breaking space as a value.  And yet the DB still took 141 seconds to check the constraints.

Granted, this is our developement instance where we do all the initial development, building, and testing of the DB scripts before we approve them for moving into unit and integration testing.  (The DB instance, app engine, and webserver engine all run on the same Windows 2000 box – that’s why it’s slow.).  STILL!  141 seconds to delete ONE ROW!  This is why my job sucks 😛


  1. #1 by Joshua on February 2, 2011 - 7:09 AM

    For those who accuse me of sharing trade secrets from my job: Err… allow me to be stupidly sarcastic. Oh, how terrible! Now the world knows that an internal development database system runs on Oracle on top of Windows! The horror! And for added effect, The product we ADVERTISE as being J2EE backed by Websphere, gasp, RUNS ON WEBSPHERE!

    Okay, seriously – I blacked out my userid and database instance name and the table names are generic enough that “Merchant” and “Brand” don’t tell anyone crap about how our product works. It’s not like I gave a field dump of those tables. Not only that but the development and testing databases only contain test data – no live data there. Ever. In fact, I’m not even cleared to access the systems that have live data. Well, unless you count the deposit-only fee settlement accounts – those I have access to. But anyone attempting to make a withdrawal from those accounts will be immediately arrested. Banks are not stupid.

    The image above is as much a security risk as showing someone the key that opens my desk drawer (which is empty except for old meeting agendas I can’t shred yet).

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