Furry Humor Archive

I found this by accident while googling around for a high-res MPEG of Hercule Yakko.

My favorites are the “You Might Be a Furry If…

The ones that apply to me:

  • you sing Flying Dreams in the shower. and I’ve ordered the songbook from Jerry Goldsmith’s publisher
  • you have dreams about finding a digitally remastered, widescreen copy of ‘The Secret of Nimh’.
  • you warm up your instrument with the first bars of ‘flying dreams’.
  • you can recite the entire script to “The Secret of Nimh”, not just line by line, but frame by frame.
  • you look at Fifi La Fume like most guys look at Jennifer Anniston.
  • you’ve written furry music.
  • you’ve written a thesis comparing Disney’s and Warner Brothers’ styles of animation and characterization.
  • you are quite sure that the voices in your head are anthropomorphic (in my case, they’re Mab from the DMFA radio project and how I imagine Florence Ambrose would sound)
  • you know how to raise your hackles (I have since high school when I wanted to show anger with more than my face)
  • you refer to seasons by the amount of fur you have, loose, or gain.
  • you’ve ever had a funeral for a plushie. (Yes but I was 3 :P)
  • you buy adobe photoshop pro just to color one furry pic.
  • Disney’s Robin Hood was your favorite movie (and it still is!) My first crush ever was on Maid Marian. One scene in particular still makes me weak in the knees.
  • Minerva was your first girlfriend. (No – see the one immediately above this one.  But Minerva is my current fur crush.)
  • you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on schooling just to learn how to do facial appliances to do a fursuit closer to anatomically correct (I’m working on learning how to build electromagnetic field sensors – I’ve already designed a four-axis, polyarticulated tail – I just need some way of controlling it).
  • you have two or more different emails reflecting your furry character.
  • When upset, you growl instead of swear.
  • You can actually use one of these types of nails as effective weapons.I wish – I’ve always wanted claws.
  • You’ve proposed to a Minerva Mink fursuiter. No, but I can guarantee I would, on the spot, and not care at all if she were already married.  Though this applies to biological females only.
  • You have a friend who asks you refer to him as “Ferret”. Yeah although I have no problem keeping the identities separate.  Though occasionally life would be a LOT easier if I could think like a ferret.
  • you know a base system other that base ten.(base six, 5+1=10)
  • your dreams (night/day) are furry.
  • You refer to having sex as ‘Yiffing’.
  • You desperately want to invite Fifi La Fume over for a 10 day sleepover….

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  1. #1 by Joshua on January 31, 2011 - 6:59 AM

    It made my day:

    The fortune that came up this morning when I logged into my squirrelmail session said:

    I’d rather chew aluminum.
    -Minerva Mink, Animaniacs

    And this was from the stock cookie files that came with the operating system. 🙂

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