WB Executive Ass Kicking, Mink Style

By now everyone knows that I often involuntarily dream about my favorite furry obsession, Minerva Mink. The one I had last night was freaking hilarious:  She, being inexplicably pissed off at Paul Dini (WB Exec who fought hard to keep her on the air) kicked in the door of his office and went completely Sarah Michelle Gellar on his ass for firing Dan Haskett (world famous character artist and first one commissioned to do her concept art).

Now this is funny for several reasons, #1 being that Dini actually fought hard against the feminists at WB to keep Minerva in the show.  And #2 being that though Haskett is clearly talented and arguably the best character artist ever, I hated his designs for her.  In the end the more cartoonish Amy the Squirrel look-alike (hmm… her first three model sheets are signed by Haskett and look nothing like the other ten which are not signed – perhaps someone didn’t like the idea of an artist known for producing cartoon pornography working on a kids’ show?) won out and is the version that’s now loved (heh) by furries the world over.

I think this was probably influenced by me rereading the Minerxa (Xena parody) comics yesterday.  Although she didn’t use horrible puns in the dream.  She just kicked a LOT of ass.

(If you know me, you can fill in the rest of the dream.  Even if you don’t know me, you can probably fill it in.  What?  I can’t help it!  I’m a lonely male furry loser in his mid-20s, what’d you expect me to dream about?)

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