For changing Ajaxterm size.

13:09 < darthFerret> Bucket: Inventory. 13:09 < Bucket> I am carrying a boatload of mexicans.


10:45 < darthFerret> I went to take the ibuprofen I had in my pocket and ended up swallowing a wad of lint instead. 😦


08:17 < darthFerret> ferret: do you have a thing for blond-haired minks? 08:17 < flyingferret> Maybe.


<asarkar> …Ubuntu “Maverick Meerkat” makes me cringe

<PacifistDalek> It’s John McCain’s fursona!


< halberd> are you implying that there’s something suboptimal about a bag full of dead mice?


< Flayer> linux’s just a kernel ^^

< hooloo> Gnu SLASH Linux

<@khmer> i love slash linux

<@khmer> “/dev/zero gazed longingly at the sleek brownian motion of /dev/urandom, for the umpteenth time in the last sweltering evening”

<@khmer> “a frisson of delectable fantasies appearing in his runtime”

<@khmer> i totally want to read slash linux’s dmesg

<@khmer> “Something about the binary-only driver made the hardware abstraction layer uncomfortable. Perhaps it was the dark stories of moral turpitude, or the dubious seedy glances…perhaps it was the simple fact of his closed-off personality and tantalizing mystery.”

<@khmer> “‘Ah well,’ he thought with barely suppressed anticipation, ‘a modprobe is a modprobe.'”

<@khmer> “It was precisely my seventh time in a row with anacron, but the perfectly regular thrust for which he was so known felt…inevitable, and yet somehow spontaneous.”

<@khmer> “Jimmy, I was rooting around in your homedir and I won’t apologize for it. I’m your parent process and it’s my job to keep you out of trouble.”

<@khmer> “And look what I found.”

<@khmer> “-rw-r–r– 1 jimmy users 0 Jul 28 16:15 myself”

<@khmer> “Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve been doing.”

< hooloo> Rule 34 strikes again.


TODO get showoff jar.


There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.




Fluxx, a card game where the rules are part of playing the game. There are four types of cards: rules that dictate how the game is played at that particular moment, goals that describe how a player might win, keepers that are usually collected to fulfill a goal, and actions that do things like allow played rules and goals to be revoked. Gameplay is thus a crapshoot involving either attempts to arrive at the current goal, or attempts to change the system. Depending on the goal, winning can be as simple a matter as having ten cards in your hand, to making toast by having the Bread card and the Toaster card. Winning is also a matter of making sure that cards that you play don’t immediately benefit another player.

  • Some players positively revel in the Xanatos gambit aspects and play a dizzying array of contradictory and/or complicated rules to cover what they’re actually trying to get done.
  • To say nothing of Chrononauts, another game from the same designer. Every player is a time traveler with a home timestream, a mission and the same job: to fix the time stream. So: did that guy just patch a paradox because that patch is part of his timeline, or did he do it to get an extra card, or does he know you need that year “normal”? Did you play an artifact because it’s part of your mission, or are you keeping it from him, or do you plan on selling it later? Is he asking for Memos (read: cards that cancel plays; think counterspells in Magic The Gathering) because he’s being honest about the victory he’s about to get, or because he’s set to Memo your Memo, or because he wants you to waste a Memo on a useless play?


Hacker’s Guide To Cooking: 2 pkg. cream cheese (the mushy white stuff in silver wrappings that doesn’t really come from Philadelphia after all; anyway, about 16 oz.) 1 tsp. vanilla extract (which is more alcohol than vanilla and pretty strong so this part you *GOTTA* measure) 1/4 cup sugar (but honey works fine too) 8 oz. Cool Whip (the fluffy stuff devoid of nutritional value that you can squirt all over your friends and lick off…) “Blend all together until creamy with no lumps.” This is where you get to join(1) all the raw data in a big buffer and then filter it through merge(1m) with the -thick option, I mean, it starts out ultra lumpy and icky looking and you have to work hard to mix it. Try an electric beater if you have a cat(1) that can climb wall(1s) to lick it off the ceiling(3m). “Pour into a graham cracker crust…” Aha, the BUGS section at last. You just happened to have a GCC sitting around under /etc/food, right? If not, don’t panic(8), merely crumble a rand(3m) handful of innocent GCs into a suitable tempfile and mix in some melted butter. “…and refrigerate for an hour.” Leave the recipe’s stdout in a fridge for 3.6E6 milliseconds while you work on cleaning up stderr, and by time out your cheesecake will be ready for stdin.




Also locate vacation.  Should come with sendmail.


I like the art style.  I’ll have to see if the story appeals to me.


Fridge logic:  Minerva Mink as Xena: Warrior Princess.  Doesn’t exactly work as Minerva positively hates other girls.


Hooray!  I am now up to date with DMFA!


Wildy makes threats of violence oh-so-sexy.


Heh.  More PAC for Jyrras.


There comes a time in most peoples’ life when they decide to wrap themselves in a sleeping-bag and crawl around like a caterpillar.


…  I didn’t know Amber did this kind of art.


Wildy is also pretty hot.  She probably subconsciously affected my decision to choose a ferret for my fursona.


Wildy is awesomely evil.


Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith.

— Paul Tillich, German theologian.


Huh.  That’d be a fun project:  Hacking the Linux kernel build scripts to output preprocessed Assembly code instead of object code.


O.O  I’m amazed at how accurate my unconscious brain is at synthesizing the sounds small mustelids make.


< indbs> Quick question, does it always kick so much freaking ass when you write a quick little script and it works perfectly
<+InitHello> yes, indbs
< TenthSpeed> indbs: Yes.
< indbs> Now I can see why people love programming 😀
< indbs> Cause when it works it is like better than sex

Is the very prettiful snowing.


Huh.  I know exactly where my family-friendly anthro stash is but I don’t recall where I keep my rule 34 anthro stash (besides HentaiFoundry that is).  I don’t have any yiff, ftr.


<dhd> perl < /dev/bdsm <knghtbrd> you have a /dev/bdsm? <dhd> sure, it’s a pseudosadomasochistic random number generator


Grr… I can’t access webmin anymore ’cause they’ve started blocking arbitrary high-numbered outbound ports L



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