Why do TSP and TBSP look so similar on medicine bottles?

Now I know why the DayQuil and NyQuil have been working so well at helping my cold:  I can’t tell a teaspoon from a tablespoon (a.k.a. three teaspoons).  Apparently the dosage is TWO TEASPOONS (TSP) every 6-8 hours.  What’ve I been taking?  TWO TABLESPOONS (TBSP) every 6-8 hours.  I’ve been taking triple the recommended dose.  Thankfully, the only things in DayQuil are dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant that arguably doesn’t help coughs any more than sugar water does) and alcohol.  The only things in NyQuil are the same things that are in DayQuil and doxylamine succinate (a paralytic hypnotic and antihistamine).  So basically, I’ve been feeling better by abusing psychoactives.  Woohoo!


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